The Most Amazing Story Ever Written: Part Two

Chapter 4 - Guest Author Myke D.

"What the heck?!" Jason exclaimed as the light cleared and a small stack of pages appeared on the center of the table. Josh quickly grabbed the stack and thumbed through it. "What is it, Josh?"

"It's another chapter!" Josh said with a hint of excitement in his voice. He smiled at the others gathered at the table. "I can't believe they left us hanging for three whole years!"

"Does it really surprise you?" David asked with a roll of his eyes. He grabbed the story from his son. "Let me see this. At least, this author is not as crazy as the rest. Maybe, we might do more than just hang out at the Waffle House."

"There's nothing wrong with the Waffle House, dad!" Josh exclaimed, unable to believe his father's words.

"Did you forget that we've been here for three years?" Kate asked in exasperation. "It's bad enough that they approached the dragons for a corporate sponsor deal."

"We got offered a deal, too!" Timnah and Jo'mmy both declared in unison, wearing proud smiles."Tzorn and Zarsim are the ones that told us we should do it!"

'Don't blame us for your misdeeds!' The dragons' voices could be heard, making everyone at the table laugh.

"They're right!" Kate said smugly as she directed a glare at Josh and Jason. "We'll just blame your parents!"

Josh's mouth fell open in disbelief making both of the now nine-year-old boys' giggle.

Timnah and Jo'mmy both jumped onto Josh's and Jason's laps and snuggled into their chests with mischievous smiles plastered on their lips.

"They're up to something," Jason said with a frown.

"They usually are," Josh agreed.

The twins were about to say something in retort when Doug spoke up from his booster seat.

"Is bubber's fawt," the three-year-old said with his own giggle. "I wahnt wafflz, pweez!"

Kate laughed and poked the boy in his belly, making the toddler giggle.

"At least, he has manners," Kate said with a grin. "Unlike some of you."

Josh, Jason, and the twins all tried to look as innocent as possible. Katie and David both broke out into laughter as golden halos appeared over each boy's head. There was an impish giggle from the end of the table before a tiny boy with purple eyes appeared with his own impish smile and a halo hovering over his head.

"Levi!" Katie exclaimed delightfully, quickly snagging the boy into her arms, so he couldn't escape. "How have you been, little one?"

Levi shrugged as he let himself get pulled into the cuddles.

"Do you know what happened to our authors?" David asked as he watched his wife with the boy. "It's been three-years, Levi."

"Their excuse was that they were busy," Levi informed them with a shrug. "I can make them all go for a swim if you want?"

"Only if the water is cold enough to make up for this," David said as he motioned towards the toddler sitting between him and his wife. "We've missed some time in our sons' lives."

"Not to mention our grandsons," Katie added with a frown. "Plus, we haven't seen Robbie or Bork, either. Are they doing okay?"

"It's kind of funny," Levi said with a grin. "They told me that I should probably come check on you since your authors were busy working on their own stuff. I could always just bring someone else here to add to their future headache."

"Who would that be?" Josh asked nervously. He already suspected what the Mikyvis was capable of after reading several stories on the Fort sites.

"Nobody that you would ever expect," Levi said with a mischievous grin. "It would really throw a wrench into their lives."

David frowned. "We should probably keep it simple for another chapter or two, at least, Levi."

"Where's the fun in that?"

"We already have two dragons, two twin boys that are wizards, and a little boy that keeps popping out of nowhere whenever he pleases," David groaned. "Why would you want to add to our disaster? We don't even know what's going to happen to us until the next chapter is dropped in front of us!"

"You never know," Levi stated, still grinning from ear to ear. "It could get them all riled up enough to start fighting over who gets to write the next chapter."

"Could?" David asked suspiciously.

"I don't know the future," the purple-eyed boy lied with a blush.

"Out with it!" David demanded with a chuckle. "What are you hiding, Levi?"

"I know how everything ends," the boy sad softly.

"Everything?" David asked with a frown.

"Everything," Levi confirmed. "You don't want to know."

"Okay, never mind," the dad said with a quick shake of his head. "I don't think I want to know. But how do we get back to our lives that were so rudely forgotten about?"

"Why would you want to go back?" Levi asked with a grin. "I could just take you somewhere else."

"No," Josh spoke up quickly. His voice cracked as he spoke, making him blush in embarrassment. "I think I would rather just stay in this time and place."

"Your loss," Levi giggled.

"Can you, at least, take us home?" Kate asked almost desperately. "I think we've been in this booth long enough."

"Wafflz!" The three-year-old chimed from his booster seat.

Levi giggled again before the group suddenly found themselves standing in the front yard of their home.

"It doesn't look like anything has changed," Katie said in disbelief.

Josh and Jason went running for the front door with their sons chasing right behind them. The dragons trumpeted excitedly as they launched themselves into the sky and began doing jovial aerobatics, entertaining their family below.

"I still haven't been able to ride him," Josh said disappointedly.

Levi giggled, and the next thing Josh knew, he was sitting astride his dragon as the magnificent creature continued to swoop and dive merrily. Josh couldn't help but to laugh and cry as his heart almost burst from happiness.

"My job here is done," Levi said with a satisfied smile.

"Make sure you bring Bork and Robbie back to visit!" Katie said before Levi nodded and vanished from sight.

David looked around and shook his head. "At least, we're home, now."

"I'd rather spend three-years here, than at Waffle House!" Katie added. "I don't think I could stomach another minute of being there!"

"Hello?" A timid voice asked from behind Katie.

"Well, hello there, little one," the mother said with a smile as she found a blue-eyed boy staring up at her with fear in his eyes. "Where did you come from?"

"I dunno," the boy said sadly. "A little boy told me to close my eyes, and when I opened them, I was here with you guys."

"What's your name?" Katie asked, trying to keep the trembling boy from being more afraid than he already was.

"I'm Enon," the boy said quietly.

"Where are you from, Enon?" David asked the timid child.

"I'm not sure," the boy stated. "It wasn't from here, though."

"Oh," David said, clearly confused by the boy's response. "Do you remember anything about where you're from?"

"No," Enon replied with a sniffle. "I don't remember anything, except that it was really dark."

"We'll help you fig-," David's response was cut off by the horrified sound of Jason's scream.

Jason's expression was a mask of terror and fear as he pointed towards the sky above them. Katie's scream resonated as she saw her son falling back towards the earth without his dragon...



Author's Note: 

Someone had to come in and rescue these guys from Waffle House! Yup, I took the challenge, and passed this on to someone else. It's their turn to figure out where Enon came from!

-Myke D