Cupid's Arrows ~ 2019 ~ Cupid Won't Give Up!



This year's Valentines Day Themed Event is titled Cupid's Arrows. The event starts now and runs through January 31, 2018, for unedited stories and February 7th for edited stories. All stories will be posted on Valentine's Day February 14th.
The Rules:

  1. The short stories must be between 500 words and 15,000 words

  2. The Short Story should be about how Cupid Won't Give Up, as he keeps shooting arrows at someone in the closet.

  3. Many of us have been in this position. Suddenly, your heart reaches out for the one person who you simply can’t risk telling how you feel. When your heart betrays you, can you build up the courage to follow it or do you continue to fight?

  4. This event is open to all readers and authors.

  5. Authors must authorize the Fort Family of Sites, by written permission to host their stories.