Christmas Extravaganza ~ Prior

Some of these stories have been rescued from cyberspace and some are brand new. Some started out as a single chapter Short Story that continued to grow. Some were revised a few years after they were first posted. The majority of the stories came from The Fort Family Forums Christmas Events. They were posted on the Fort Family Event Site over the years those stories were lost thanks to help from ACFan & The Eggman these stories are here for your reading enjoyment. I hope that you enjoy reading these wonderful stories as much as I had presenting them. There are also some stories that are hosted right here on The Story Lovers Home. We also have some stories that are new for 2016! There may appear to be some missing Event Site Stories and there are perfectly good reasons for those supposedly missing stories. Several of those stories started out as Christmas Short Stories and became full-length stories in their own right. Some of those stories are hosted here others, on hosted on their appropriate sites. The major culprit for those stories is The Radio Rancher AKA Sleeping Beauty AKA Darryl The Radio Rancher. If you don't believe me just ask Hal, MultiMapper or myself!

Some of these stories are courtesy of:

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