The Lost Dragon Down Under Memories

The Lost Dragon Down Under Memories

Memories Down Under © 2005 Boy From Aus, Memories © 2002 ACFan, Dragon Earl Universe © 2005 The Story Lover

Author's Note:

This is an entry for the 2019 Spring Short Story Event: A Story Mashup. I do have to admit that this is actually a mashup in itself. It is actually part of two stories that I started way back in 2008 or 2009. I have mashed them together, because I think they fit together, also because 'Goos' told me I could.

"Just' pwease Just' I have to tell you somting from 'Goos' he says it is impotant"

"Go ahead Jonah I needed a break anyway and if 'Goos' say it is important then we should listen to you" was the reply from an emotionally drained Just'

Jonah went and gave his Nana and Joth a hug and a kiss on the cheek and then crawled up onto Just's lap which caused a slight problem as Just' was leaning on Joth. Joth quickly helped Just' sit up a little straighter and then leaned onto Just's shoulder to maintain the close contact.

Jonah leaned back into the warmth of Just's arms and began to speak. But instead of Jonah's young slightly shrill voice everyone 'heard' a deep and rich baritone that resonated through their minds:

'This is a story that is older than Castle Highmont and older even than the Kingdom of Erewhon. This story is older than the two legs' history and not all of Draconis Royales Venezelos are even sure it's true.

 In the days when dragons ruled the stars and traveled from planet to planet wherever dragonkin lived or had lived. Occasionally the traveling parties were joined by other space-faring races such as Elves. Many planets welcome the space-faring races and for eons, there were meetings aplenty. As the two-legged civilizations began to expand the psychic energies to span the stars began to disappear. As the two legs began taking over the lands of the elves and dragons the flights between the planets became fewer and fewer.

In the days when the flights were plentiful, and dragons were plentiful it was still not usual for a gravid femalegravid female ("Gravid=Pregnant") to leave planetside. However, this did occasionally happen and in most cases, everything worked out for the good. Occasionally a planet that was dragonless now had a family of dragons and was added to the list of safe planets to visit. One of the times that things didn't work out so well is called "The Lost Egg".

As the story goes, my great, great and so on and so on grandparents were with a large group of dragons and elves were making what amounted to a Royal Progress, touring all of the remaining planets. Things were going fine until they reached a planet called Terra in the Sol System. While the group was visiting Terra, they decided to check out the large continent in the Southern Hemisphere. It seems that there were plenty of warm sands and a very large Red Rock Formation that had awesome updrafts and air currents for dragons to fly in. There was supposedly plenty of small game for the dragons to practice their hunting skills on.

After several hours of soaring in the heated updrafts several of the group split off to go hunting and some of them went exploring around the large red rock. When the group got together before leaving, they noticed one of the younger females who had been rather reserved the last few days, was missing. After following her mental voice which had overtones of terror and confusion, they came across the obviously distraught young female. The alphas of the group noticed that she looked different but couldn't quite pin the difference down. As the group neared her, she was mumbling "My Egg, My Egg" over and over. My several time Great, Great Grandmother preemptorily ordered all of the males except for her private guards to leave.

Alynne what are you talking about? What Egg what are you talking about? Were you gravid and near depositing? Why didn't you say anything, does this have anything to do with Darrylo? 

I was embarrassed your majesty because we hadn't asked permission and Darrylo wouldn't have been able to go and I wouldn't have either. I didn't realize I was so close until a little while ago.

All of a sudden, the contractions hit me while I was exploring this little cave, I sat down for a minute and everything happened at once. When it was all over, I covered the egg in sand to keep it warm. I went to look for Darrylo and as I turned the corner, I heard a strange noise. I went back in the cave and my egg was gone; I was on my way back to you when you found me.

Aeons Later:

After listening to a story about a walkabout Timmy, Ricky and Tyler decided to go on a walkabout. Sean and Cory turned to Sky for help. As Sky started to answer Kane said he wanted to go, too. Sky suggested that they go to a park nearby and let the boys explore for a while with the older teens following on a ridge overlooking the park.

After almost an hour of exploring in the hot, and dusty terrain the boys started to tire, Tyler saw Timmy's shoulders start to droop and his legs wobble. As Tyler moved over to support Timmy, he tripped over an object half buried in the ground. As Tyler sat up, he heard a cracking sound and looked down at his feet and saw what looked like an Ostrich Egg cracking open. He leaned forward and looked inside the shell, as he got close to the shell a lizard-like head poked out, and looked Tyler directly in his eyes. A feeling of warmth and caring overtook Tyler. He reached down with his hands and the lizard-like creature jumped into his hands. As this happened, Timmy, Ricky and Kane formed a circle around him trying to see what was happening.

The lizard-like creature that was sitting in Tyler's hands had a head that although was reptilian in nature was a little squarer than most Lizards and its tail was very long and prehensile. There were also two good size bumps covered in translucent skin just above and behind the front shoulders; and two of the same below the shoulders. Tyler moved the "Lizard" onto his lap and began stroking the long neck and head. Timmy leaned in for a closer look because his brain was whirling trying to puzzle something out.

Suddenly Timmy's whole face lit up and he asked: "Unca Kyle is that a dragon?"


Author's End Note:

Darryl those are all of the words that my brain came up with. This is a ONE OFF STORY!

I hope everyone enjoyed these wild and crazy words that came out of my brain those many years ago. In case you haven't figured it out, there are three stories involved, Dragon Earlby yours truly, Memories by The CSU God ACFan, and Memories Down Under by Boi From Aus. I and I alone am responsible for the words above the other authors are completely innocent, well at least Boi From Aus is. To learn more about these characters please click on the titles and read their stories, you will need at least a week to read them all.


Please send all flames to 'Goos', and all compliments and accolades to The Story Lover.

 Art's Wackily Insightful Commentary:

I hate to admit that I was finally getting into this when you stopped. You know I’m not a big Sci-Fi fan, but now I really want to know what the boys are going to do with a baby dragon!!! Well done TSL, I do remember these stories from years and years ago. Thanks for the memories.


Darryl's Off The Wall Insightful Commentary:

Ok, first of all, I am not any good with HTML code, so someone else will have to fix my outlandish typing.

I love the concept of the mashup.

Now, where is that darn wall I have fallen off of?

Let me see, What is this about it being a one-off?

When it comes to anything involving The Dragon Earl Universe, and or the other two multiverses, there is NO SUCH THING AS A ONE OFF!

That's like saying, "TIP AND TY is a one-off."

You have as much time as it takes to write the next chapter, but you MUST write at least one more chapter! Especially since you wrote me into it.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher