A Brother For Thanksgiving ~ NR & GC

A Brother For Thanksgiving ~ NR & GC

On the day before Thanksgiving, while I was in the kitchen preparing my son Patrick's after-school snack, Patrick came home and had another kid with him. Instead of saying his usual 'Hi Daddy, I'm home', his greeting nearly gave me a heart attack.

"Hi Daddy, this is my new Brother, Ben,..."

I turned around to see what in the heck Patrick was talking about; I saw him standing there with a boy about his age and a little bit taller. However, where Patrick was a brunet with sparkling emerald green eyes, the boy with him had flaming red hair and so many freckles that it was hard to determine his skin tone. Just as I started to ask Patrick what he meant by calling the new boy his brother, he continued with introductions.

"and his brother Bein, and his sister Bin, they needed a new home, and I needed a brother, so I brought them home."

The way Patrick pronounced their names they all sounded like Ben, that was my last coherent thought as blackness took over, and my body made friends with the floor. As I was lying there, half in and half out of consciousness I thought I heard Patrick saying,

"Pop, you gotta come home Dad needs you."

I also thought I heard voices asking if I was going to be okay, I also thought I felt something cool on my forehead. As I tried to pull myself together the magnitude of what Patrick had said and the effect it was going to have on our small family hit me. I escaped into the safety of my dream space in my head.

Patrick, hung up the phone and began trying to calm his new siblings down,

"Don't worry, everything will be fine Dad is just a bit emotional, he and Pop will love you because that's the way they are. Bein please sit next to Dad and rub his back and tell him that you love him. He will hear you even though he really isn't here at the moment. Ben and Bin, I will take you upstairs and show you your bedrooms. Then Bin and I will finish the snack Dad was making {Not Pizza ACFan}, and then we will start making dinner, while we wait for Pop to get home. While we are making dinner Ben can take your clothes upstairs, Okay?"

"Patrick are you sure that is okay for us to be here?" Inquired Bin with a concerned look on her face that was joined by her brothers.

"Everything will be fine, you will see, Dad and Pop have always wanted to get a brother for me, I just don't think Dad wanted it to happen this way. They bought this house because they wanted a big family, of course, I think they wanted all boys. Don't worry Bin, you will make your new Grandmas' very happy, they have always wanted a girl to spoil. Dad and Pop will just have to get used to having a girl in the house, 'cause I want you here. I want brothers and a sister to play with and keep me company and you can help me keep Dad and Pop inline." Patrick was smiling the whole time he was talking to his new siblings while looking directly at Bin.

"Thanks Patrick, we really want to have a nice family," Bin told Patrick and her brothers nodded in agreement.

Bein spoke up,

"I think you're right your Dad likes us, he is snuggling with me and starting to snore. I think he is okay now. I hope he will be okay when he wakes up?" Stated and asked Bein.

The family had just finished their snack, and Dad was still snoring away leaning against Bein when Pop walked into the kitchen through the garage door.

"Patrick, I'm home... Ahh why is your Dad sitting on the floor and who is the strange kid he is sleeping on?" Patrick's Pop asked?

"Ahh and uh who is the boy and girl cooking in the kitchen?"

Patrick handed his Pop a tumbler full of Jameson's Black Barrel neat, and then said,

"Pop you better have a seat in the Kitchen, and I will explain it all, you need to sit down otherwise I can't be responsible." With that Patrick grabbed his Pop's arm and led him toward a chair.

Patrick decided to blow his Pop's mind and asked,

"Pop, do we still have my old crib and playpen?"

Rather than spit the expensive liquid gold everywhere, he gulped what was in his mouth instead.

"Ahh, Son why do we need a crib and playpen?" A now very confused Pop inquired.

Patrick decided to be the smart-assed teenager his parents claimed he was,

Well, Pop where do you expect my new brother Ayden to sleep, in the bathtub?"

"Patrick where is this so-called Baby Brother of yours, and since when did you get a New Brother?" His now very concurrent parent asked a bit forcefully.

"Chill Pop, Ayden is safe with my other new brother, Maxie, oh and these are my new brothers Ben, Bein, and my sister Bin." At the end of Patrick's statement, his Pop ended on the floor, only this time Bin was the one comforting him. Patrick sent Ben to get Ayden and Maxie, once they had arrived he sent Maxie and Ben to check the attic and basement for the crib, playpen and hopefully, Patrick's old baby clothes as Ayden only had a few days' worths and he was growing by leaps and bounds at least according to Bin.

The boys' clothing and furniture search was successful, the crib, and playpen were I the basement and the clothes were in the attic. Maxie quickly assembled the crib while Ben took the clothes to the laundry nook and started the washer. Since the clothes had probably been washed before they were stored, he started them on the rinse cycle with a bit of Fabric Softener to freshen them up. While the brothers were busy, Patrick was also busy attempting to feed Ayden some of the baby food that Maxie had brought with him.

Patrick's Dad had regained consciousness; however, he kept his eyes closed basking in the warmth and love that he was receiving from who he guessed was his new son. He listened to everything going on around him, although everyone was whispering and trying to be quiet, he was still able to keep tabs on everyone and everything that was going on. He did get a shock when he thought he heard a baby gurgle. When the sound repeated, he knew it was a baby; he sat up in shock nearly knocking Bein over. Patrick's Dad then got up and headed over to the couch where Patrick was busy spoon-feeding a very happy Ayden. Patrick had absolutely no cares in the world as he stared into a joyous Ayden's eyes. As Dad stood next to Patrick he exclaimed,

"Patrick Sean Alexander Haven, you have a lot of 'splaining to do now get 'splaining"

Patrick did the only thing that he could think of, and as it turned out, it was exactly the right thing to do. Patrick carefully stood up and handed Ayden to his Dad, and then began 'splaining,

"Well, Dad it's like this..." Patrick looked at his Dad who was now blowing raspberries into a giggling Ayden's belly.

"Hold on Dad, let me wake up Pop so we only have to tell this once."

Patrick then headed to the kitchen where he found Bin 'splaining things to his Pop.

Pop, Bin, let's go into the living room so we only have to tell this story twice.

"That sounds like a great idea to me, but what about your snacks, and dinner?" Patrick's Dad asked.

"We can have our snacks for dessert..." Maxie interrupted Patrick's reply with,

I have dinner under control, and it will be ready in about half an hour."

Patrick then blew Maxie a kiss and then said let's go Pop and Bin.

The kiss blew Patrick's Pop's mind just enough that when Bin asked for a piggyback ride he agreed. As soon as everyone except for Maxie was in the living room Patrick began 'splaining.

{Authors' Note; to keep the story short, I am going to just give you a summary of the day's earlier events. Plus, we are lazy so sue us!}


Patrick and his boyfriend of just a few weeks Maxie had headed to Maxie's house before Patrick went home. When the two lovebirds arrived at Maxie's house all of his brothers and his sister were sitting on the front stoop with garbage bags, boxes, and suitcases stacked next to them. All of Maxie's siblings had tear-streaked faces. Patrick and Maxie ran over to them and began giving out hugs between questions. Patrick had immediately taken Ayden from Bin's hands as she looked like she was ready to drop him. By the time that Maxie and Patrick had both found out what had happened, Maxie was ready to kick down the front door and give his stepfather as big a beating as could deliver. Luckily for Maxie, his stepfather had gone to the nearest watering hole, but only after changing the locks and locking all the doors. Patrick decided to take matters into his own hands, he sent Ben, and Bein to the local Grocery Store to get a couple of shopping carts, while they were doing that he told Maxie to take Ayden to his house and wait for him in his Dad's workshop in the backyard, Patrick gave maxi his key and told him to turn on the heater as soon as he was inside. Before his boyfriend and baby brother left, he told Bin to put some of Ayden's clothes and food into Ayden's Diaper Backpack. He then sent his boyfriend on his way. As soon as Ben and Bein got back with their purloined grocery carts, Patrick and Bin helped them load their clothes into the carts. Patrick told them; they were going to stick the carts inside the gate leading to his backyard. But that was only until he was able to tell his Pop what was going on. Patrick was trying very hard not to smile, however, inside he was jumping up and down with glee. He was so happy that he was getting brothers, and that his boyfriend was going to live with him. He was sad that they had to leave their home, but the stepfather was an absolute 'asshole'. He had been sorta okay while his wife was alive, but he had turned overnight when his wife had died a few weeks ago. So that's everything that has happened until now.

As Patrick was doing his 'splaining with a little help from his new sister and brothers, his Dad and Pop were getting more and more dismayed and pissed by the second. When Patrick saw that look, he paused and spoke to his new family,

"Don't worry sibs, you can see the love in their eyes when they look at you the look of anger and disgust that you also see is for your ex-Stepparent. Everything is going to be fine; Dad and Pop tell your new kids what you do for a living. Pop you start first."

"Okay son, since you are running this show I'll do what you so nicely asked." That comment brought a lot of titters and giggles from Patrick's new siblings and a snigger from his Dad. Patrick's Pop continued as if he had never stopped,

"Okay kid's my name is Fred Clemans and I am a Senior Partner in the Law Firm of Clemens, Clemons, Clements, and Clemans. I practice Family Law and I specialize in defending Children. In fact, if Patrick hadn't taken matters into his own hands as he did, my husband and I were going to apply to be Foster Parents so we could get Patrick the brother that he has always begged us for. However, with both of us working we never had time to go through the process. It looks like we better get busy and get that done. Right, Patrick?"

"Right Dad, Pop you're up." The giggles returned on queue.

"Well, kids, I am Patrick's Pop and my name is Thomas Haven aka Tom or Pop. I work at home as an Investment Attorney keeping track of, my client's investments and keeping them on the up and up. In case you haven't figured it out yet, all of you are staying here and will become part of our family. I know that Patrick let you choose your own bedroom; except I didn't hear where Maxie is sleeping?" With those words, Patrick turned as crimson as a boiled lobster. 

"From what I saw earlier, I think Patrick had planned to have Maxie sleep in his bedroom, isn't that right Patrick?" Fred interjected with a smirk.

Instead of Patrick answering, it was Maxie,

"Uh, Mr. Clemans that would be nice, but shouldn't I have my own room until everything is finished about us staying here?"

"Maxie unless I am in a courtroom it is Dad and Tom is Pop, if you don't call us by those names, we won't know who you are talking to. Now about you staying here, that is a given and since the courts and CPS are closed until Monday, because of Thanksgiving you can stay here without a problem. Don't worry about CPS; I work with them and they will be glad that Patrick finally has siblings. I do need to make a few calls just to keep my job. I will leave a voicemail at CPS after six pm on the none emergency number that way they won't get it until Monday. I am also going to call my friend Judge Jamie and get temporary guardianship. What is it Bin?" Fred had to stop because a very nervous Bin had raised her hand.

Mr., I mean Pop, that monster gave me an envelope to give to Patrick, and he said, 'Since he likes you worthless brats so much, he can keep you!' He was yelling and screaming for us to get out of his house that I couldn't understand everything he said, but I think that he said something like now Patrick could feed us and wipe.... sorry I can't say those bad words that he said about Ayden." Bin started crying as soon as she had finished. Tom stood up and handed Ayden back to Patrick and that made both of them very happy. Tom then went over and began hugging Bin, while telling her that everything will be fine, and that Patrick will be cleaning up Ayden's messes from now on. Bin started smiling at those words and the love that they were said with. Of course, Patrick's head snapped up at those words and he had a look on his face that said, "What did I do?"

However, before Patrick could say anything Bin spoke up with a smile,

"That's okay, Pop, I never have to change him anyway Mom said that was Maxie and Ben's job..." Bin continued with a bit of a sniffle,

"Mom said that it would be a good experience for them, for when they got married. She then told me that Maxie wouldn't have to worry about that until he and Patrick adopted a baby like Ayden." Bin then buried her head into her new Pop's chest.

Her words, while they brought a bit of sadness to her brothers' faces also surprised everyone. Especially Maxie and Patrick's.

Fred spoke up,

"Bin can I have that envelope your ex-stepparent gave you for Patrick, I would like to read it and see what it says before I go and make my phone calls to secure your futures." Bin just reached the envelope out, as she wasn't going to leave the safe and secure place in her Dad's arms. Fred walked over and took the envelope and then grabbed a letter opener from the bookcase. He opened the envelope and very carefully read the pages inside it. All the time making uhum and oh noises.

"Well, this is very interesting, Patrick the envelope really belongs to you, but before I give it to you I need you to give me a dollar for a retainer, so that I can be your lawyer, because son you really do need one. Now don't worry I am going to love trying any cases that come up because of the documents. Oh, and Son, congratulations DAD!" Fred, then went over and took Ayden from Patrick and told him to grab the envelope.

"Oh, Maxie please pour a healthy shot of the Tullamore Dew and bring it out for your boyfriend, he is going to need it." The next thing you heard was,

"Oh shit!" Then Patrick muttered,

"I am too young to be a Dad," and then fell on to the couch completely dazed and out of it. Maxie brought the golden Irish nectar over to his boyfriend and carefully held the tumbler to Patrick's lips and told him to take a few small sips and to swallow them slowly. Patrick complied and after the warm glow of a few sips revived him he was able to sit back on the couch and breathe easier. Without thinking he said,

"Thanks, Babe, and Dad, I needed that." Of course, he turned scarlet once he realized what he had said. Before anyone could give him a bad time, he started asking questions,

"Dad is this legal? Can I really be a Parent? Are they really my kids now?..." Whatever question Patrick was going to fire out of his mouth was stopped when Maxie at Fred's nod stopped Patrick the only way he knew how, he kissed him.

"Now that Maxie has closed the motormouth I can answer your questions one at a time, Oh and Maxie just put you hand over his mouth next time. He liked that way too much. To answer your questions Patrick, Maybe, I don't know you tell me, and possibly. Does that answer your questions son? Now, where is my dollar?" Fred then beat a quick retreat into his office, while he was doing that Maxie had picked up the documents and was reading them out loud.

To summarize, the documents stated in legalese that the party of the first part had given unto the care of the third party, the second party, of the first part. Is everything clear?

Just as Maxie had started Fred popped back in and asked,

"Kids, what is your last name?"

Without thinking, Maxie answered,

"It's Queensland, yes, it is after that place in Australia." Only Patrick saw the look that crossed his parents' faces as they both recognized that name.

Before he left again Fred asked one more question,

"What is your step's favourite bar?"

The four older kids answered,

"The Hole In The Wall."

Fred didn't answer, he just got a smirk on his face and headed back to his office, his first phone call was to his golfing buddy Ron Dark at the Police Station, his buddy just happened to be Patrick's Godfather, and a father of three, and the Lt. on duty. Fred never even got to tell him that his Godson was now a father, as his friend was too busy yelling out orders to go arrest that snake in the grass and then the phone went dead. Fred just sniggered to himself and started to call Judge Jamie.

Meanwhile, back in the living room, Maxie had finished reading the documents and yes, they did give custody of the Queensland children to one Patrick Sean Alexander Haven.

Bin, spoke up,

"See what did I tell you? So, Patrick, if you are our Dad now, does that make Pop our GrandPop?" And silence reigned supreme, that is until everyone broke out laughing.

Fred popped back out and went over to Maxie, and asked,

"Judge Jamie would like me to fax those documents to him, I caught him just as he was leaving his office. So, may I please have them?"

Maxie handed Fred the documents and then snarkily replied,

"Sure Grandad, have fun." Hey then headed back to the kitchen to check on dinner.

Fred not getting the joke stood there for a few seconds and then headed back to his office. If he had taken the time to look around the room, he would have seen the looks of innocence on everyone's faces.

While Fred was busy faxing the documents to Judge Jamie, Tom was still trying to figure out why the kids' last name was ringing a bell. However, before he could figure that out, Maxie stuck his head out of the kitchen and announced,

"Dinner will be ready in ten minutes, will someone set the table please?" Ben and Bein said they would help, but someone would have to show them where the dining room was and where all the plates, and silverware were as well. Patrick who was now slowing rocking his son Ayden to sleep, got this great big ear to ear grin and his eyes lit up in expectation. Before he could even ask his Pop answered him,

"Yes, Patrick we can use your china, I will open the hutch and help your brothers/sons set the table. Come on kids, I'll show you where everything is, and tell you about Patrick's Grandma Den and her favourite china, and grandchild, in that order." Tom's response set everyone chuckling again except for Patrick who didn't want to wake up Ayden, instead he just mouthed,

"Thanks, Pop, I love you."

Just before Tom could send Bin to tell Fred that Dinner was almost ready, Fred came back into the living room.

"Hon, could you get the Ice Bucket and the bottle of Champagne that was for tomorrow, we are going to need it tonight. I'll be back out in a few minutes, I need to call Teri and ask her a few questions, so Judge Jamie and I can tie up a few loose ends. Also, Hon, you have some trusts to transfer later as well." With that Fred was gone and a light bulb went off in Tom's brain.

'Duh, the trusts, that's right Sarah didn't really trust her second husband, so she made sure that her kids were taken care of financially in case anything ever happened to her.' Tom felt a lot better now that he knew why the kids' last name had been bugging him. 'Wait a minute her will, I have a copy of it in her files and the house was completely in her name...' Before Tom could finish the though his husband came in, to finish helping set the table.

"Tom, Teri is already filing probate on the will and Judge Jamie has a copy, in fact, Ron has sent someone over to keep an eye on the house and has called the City's Locksmith to change all of the locks. The locksmith will be by later to give Patrick or Maxie the keys, however, that discussion can wait until we are eating and have a glass of champagne."

Before anyone else could say anything, Fred finally saw what plates they were setting on the table.

"Wait we are using Patrick's China???? He would never let us use them as he said it wasn't a special enough occasion... So, he thinks that becoming a Father is special enough?"

All Tom said in reply was,

"And you don't?"

That question, of course, started everyone chuckling and left Fred standing there with his jaw on the floor. Finally, Bin got up enough courage to ask,

"Are you going to stand there, all night or you going to help us GrandDad?"

"Of course, Princess I'll help, in fact, I will also show you where my favourite Champagne Flutes are, and we can set them on the table." Fred, then walked over to the second China Hutch unlocked it and then opened the large top drawer and began taking out boxes, he handed the first box to Bin and told her to set it on the Buffet Table. Like Fred a minute she stood there frozen, Fred almost ran into her when he went to put his box on the table. He quickly realized what the problem was and spoke softly to Bin,

"Princess, it is that long narrow table against the wall over there, it's where we put the food before serving it, when we have big dinners."

Both boxes were set on the Buffet Table and Fred lifted the tops off of both boxes and carefully removes the crystal flutes from their velvet-lined holders. Champagne Flutes PNGThey were similar to these but with a slightly longer flute section.  As to Patrick's China well they were of the finest bone white china with a climbing pink rose border, and an open dusty pink rose in the centre and a band of silver around the rim, they were absolutely magnificent and over a hundred years old. When everyone had finished setting the table little Bein said,

"It's too pretty to eat at, can we just take a picture and eat in the living room?"

Patrick heard Bein's question as he returned from putting Ayden to bed in his bedroom and turning on the Baby Monitor that Maxie had found. He walked over to Bein,  wrapped his arms around Bein and hugged him, while telling everyone,

"This is a perfect time for us to share these treasures with our newest treasures, my new family." Everyone cheered, just then Maxie appeared with a platter in his hand and soon everyone was busy bringing food from the kitchen and placing it either on the table or the Buffet Table. A few minutes later everyone began eating the very sumptuous meal that Maxie had prepared. He had taken the items that Tom had taken out for dinner and prepared a feast. Once everyone had finished their first round of eating and they were letting their food settle a bit before having seconds, Fred carefully tapped his Champagne Flute and asked for everyone's attention.

"Before we finished eating this wonderful meal, and thank you, Maxie, for fixing it." Maxie blushed and tilted his head down. "We will talk more about your cooking later, Now Patrick, the answers to your questions are, Yes, Maybe, Yes, and No. Let me explain what I mean, the document that the Step gave to you kids for Patrick is a valid legal document, however, there are legalities that Judge Jamie, my Secretary Patrick's Aunt Teri and I had to clear up. First thanks to some trickle legal maneuvering CPS will never know anything about you kids being thrown out. Since the document was properly notarized, and witnessed it is airtight regarding the custody aspects. However, since Patrick hasn't turned eighteen, let alone sixteen, I know Patrick you think you are sixteen, but you aren't yet for two more months. So now down to the Nitty Gritty, Patrick you do have legal custody of all of the kids, except for Maxie." Fred had to put up his hand to quiet everyone down, and Maxie was looking a little said.

"Maxie and Patrick this is for your benefit, and if you stop and think about it you will agree. Now as I was saying Patrick has legal custody of Ben, Bein, Bin and Ayden. However, he isn't their legal guardian, that would be Tom and me. Now as Maxie, due to your age and your obvious relationship with Patrick, allowing Patrick to be your Father would have caused all kinds of problems for the two of you down the road. So, it was decided, and we are sorry for not asking you, but time was of the essence, so Patrick's Aunt Teri will be your new parent." Fred had to put his hand up again, however, he shouldn't have worried, as Patrick had matters well in hand and was whispering calming thing to Maxie.

"Now while Patrick is explaining how nice his Aunt Teri is, let me finish my explanation so we can get back eating. Although Teri is Maxie's Parent he will be living here, and he will have his own bedroom, whether he sleeps there or not is another thing." Of course, there was a bunch of oohs, and chuckles at Fred's last words.

Fred then picked up his flute full of champagne, and the said,

"Will everyone please raise your glasses?" Once everyone was ready Fred continued,

"To Patrick, who really wanted a brother, and instead got a Family, and to Family."

When everyone had taken a few sips of their champagne, the kids only had a sip's worth in their glasses Tom or GrandPop spoke up, raising his glass again,

"I want to welcome all of you to our Family, and before I forget thank you very much, Maxie, you are a better cook than I could ever be, and I have tried. Now, who is going to get up at 6:00 Am to help me put the Turkey in the oven, and get the gizzards and stuff ready for the gravy?" Tom stopped with a perplexed look on his face as all the Queensland kids had silly smirks on their faces and Maxie was outright sniggering while Ben was waving his hand in the air like crazy.

"Okay, Ben what are you trying to tell me?"

"GrandPop why are you still using your oven to cook the turkey, that’s so slow and you can't use the oven for anything else. Why don't you Barbecue your Turkey like the rest of the 21st Century? You do have a Barbecue, don't you?"

Before Ben dug his hole, any deeper Patrick came to the rescue,

"Yes Ben, we have a 26" Kettle Grill that will fit a Turkey just fine, and Dad I know right where you can get a great recipe. Let me get my iPad and I'll show you."

"Babe, use mine it's in my backpack in the living room."

Patrick went and got Maxie's iPad because it was faster than going upstairs to get his.

"Okay Dad here's the recipe from some guy named Mom and it sounds really good."

"GrandPop don't worry I have barbecued quite a few Turkeys with Maxie's help before, I'll help you prep the Turkey tonight so it will be ready for tomorrow when we need to cook it. What time is dinner tomorrow?"

"Hon, I forgot to tell you Teri is joining us for dinner tomorrow, so yes Patrick you get to break out your prized Gravy Boat, Candlesticks, and Salt and Pepper Shakers." As soon as Fred said Gravy Boat, Patrick was pumping a fist in the air and muttering,

"YES, YES, it is going to be an awesome Dinner."

The gaiety came to an end when Tom realized that he didn't have enough food or even a big enough Turkey to feed eight people plus a Baby.

"Tom, relax, Teri has the rolls and salads covered and yes, I said salads, and I also called your Brother-in-law and he will be delivering at least a 20 lb. fresh bird in about half an hour. He said that you owe him big time."

"Okay Hon, and thanks well that is one crisis averted, however, I still need to go shopping as I will need to pick up quite a few things including the ingredients for some more pies." Tom directed his next statement directly at Bin, while he was looking directly at her as he wants her to be included,

"So, who wants to go shopping with me and then help me bake the pies?"

"Sorry, GrandPop, you are barking up the wrong tree if you think I can bake a pie, I can't cook, I even burn water. You need to ask Maxie or Bein, in fact, Bein bakes great pies and Maxie can cook anything under the sun, if you need something smoked or Barbecued, just ask Ben. But if you need your oil or your alternator changed, then I'm your girl." Except for Bin's siblings giggling their fool heads off while Tom was standing there with his mouth wide open making fish noises.

As soon as everyone had finished dinner and dessert, Maxie and Bein went shopping went shopping with Tom, while Ben, Bin and GrandDad cleaned up the Dining Room and the kitchen, and then hand washed Patrick's precious china while he was busy getting all of Ayden's clothing and supplies sorted out and put into what would be Ayden's Nursery, the old guest bedroom on the ground floor. He had just finished that when he heard his son waking up over the Baby Monitor. He got Ayden clean and then brought him into the kitchen to feed him. However, Ayden had decided that he wanted his GrandDad to feed him, so Patrick wound up drying and putting away his own exquisite china.

When the shoppers returned Ayden was back sleeping on his dad's chest and everyone else was putting their clothes away in their bedrooms. As soon as Tom, Maxie, and Bein had all the groceries put away except for what they need to make the pies with, the Grandkids kicked their GrandPop out of his own kitchen. He ended up sitting on a stool at the Breakfast Bar and watching. He was amazed at how efficient a twelve-year-old and a fifteen year, nearly sixteen-year-old were in a strange kitchen. They were simply amazing; they were flying around the kitchen like Pro's and never got in each other's ways. Tom was surprised that Maxie did all the cutting, and dicing of the fruits, while Bein made all the dough for the crusts from scratch without a recipe. All the pies ended up with perfect fluted crusts, and two of them had perfect lattice tops. But then Maxie completely stunned Tom when he made a Pumpkin Cream Cheesecake, and just like Bein, it was from scratch, and again with no recipe. Maxie did wink at Tom as he put a ramekin in the oven. He later went over to Tom, and gave him a big hug, and then said,

"Thank you for trusting us and that mini cheesecake is for you, don't tell anyone."

Tom finally gave in to his emotions and broke into tears and returned the hug. While they were doing that Ben had finished getting his room arranged and came in and sent Bein to take care of his. Ben then showed his GrandPop how to prepare the Turkey for the next day. Forty-Five minutes later the kitchen was spotless, the pies were cooling, and Tom had eaten his mini cheesecake drooling all the whole time.

An hour later everyone was in their own bed, well except for Patrick and Maxie as they were in Patrick's bed, they both claimed that in case one of them didn't hear Ayden the other one would. The next day at dinner there would be a very thankful family and some wonderful food.

Happy Thanksgiving PNG

Neal's Author's Notes:

First, I want to thank my good friend 'Goos' and to Uncle TSL who let us use his computer and keyboard. I hope that you enjoyed our little Thanksgiving Tale. Uncle Darryl, we are going to try to write another chapter next year, that is, if Uncle TSL will let us use his keyboard again. Thanks also to Uncle Str8mayb for creating me. 

Neal Richards

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'Goos's Author's Notes:

Like my good friend, Neal said I also hope that you liked our little Thanksgiving Tale, I did have to bribe Neal with a bunch of 'Cinmon Crumbles' to help me. And Uncle Str8mayb, TSL told me to say that 'Payback is a Beach!' Now I need to go bug TSL to write more about me and not A'lexii! We didn't finish writing our tale in time to send it to Uncle Art, and Uncle Darryl to edit, so we made TSL edit it, and all mistakes are his!

I also need to thank my Best Mate Maxieplus for the inspiration for Maxie and Ayden

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