CSU Dennys Christmas 2020 AC

CSU Dennys Christmas 2020 AC

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Josh turned away from the window, shaking his head in disbelief. "I really need to avoid the eggnog!"he thought to himself as he made a beeline to his favorite chair. As he took a seat, his thirteen-year-old android son Andrei bounced over and claimed his dad's lap.

"What's wrong, Dad?" Andrei asked, noticing the look on Josh's face after he got comfortable.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you," Josh muttered.

"Betcha I would," Andrei giggled. "You keep forgetting I'm older than I look!"

"You asked for it, munchkin," Josh grinned, deciding to play along in the on-running game that Andei had instigated just after moving in. "What would you say if I told you that I thought I saw eight tiny reindeer being ridden by elves leaving our driveway, all of them with bulging backpacks?"

Andrei grinned, "Oh, that? It was just Horatio and his team picking up the cookie supply for Santa's trip tonight. Uncle Phil got the contract this year, didn't he tell you?"

"I thought I told you boys to stay out of the eggnog?" Josh groaned, wondering just what Phil's secret spices were.

"DAD!" Andrei laughed. "Jamie says that Kyle and Timmy went up to the North Pole to see if Santa needed any help. Timmy gave Santa some cookies as a gift, and Santa liked them so much that he decided to pick a different Division each year to save Mrs. Claus a little time in the kitchen. We got to help load the backpacks, they're really kewl, they keep the cookies warm until Santa is ready to eat them. Each one holds ten dozen cookies!"

"Nine Hundred and Sixty cookies for ONE PERSON?" Josh exclaimed in disbelief.

"Yeah, I guess Mrs. Claus said he needed to cut down," Andrei giggled. "Uncle Phil made some extras just in case, so we've got fifteen dozen left to give us snacks for a couple of days."

"Are you sure he made enough for if your cousins visit?" Josh chuckled, deciding that busting his son's bubble would be cruel. "That's less than one cookie each!"

"We've got replicators, Dad!" Andrei stated with a roll of his eyes.

They were interrupted by Josh's other sons appearing in the doorway. CJ, Chad, Willy, and Johnny all had worried looks on their faces as Johnny stated "Dad? Uncle Phil says there's a problem in the Dining Room; he needs your help."

"Why not, everything else is going strange this year," Josh stated with a shake of his head. "Looks like I have to get up, munchkin."

"Carry me?" Andrei asked, puppy dog eyes on full power.

"I see that you've been taking lessons from your little brothers," Josh chuckled as he managed to stand up without dropping Andrei. He smiled at the knowing looks from his sons, who had stepped back to allow their brother to find security in the holidays. CJ and Chad knew from experience that their Dad would make Christmas special; Willy and Johnny both had absolute trust in the twin brothers that had saved their lives, so they were not worried even though this would be their first Christmas celebrated as a family. Andrei, on the other hand, had suffered major upheavals in his life, and still felt insecure as to if he really was family.

Josh led his family to the Dining Room with Andrei securely latched to his side. As he walked in, he immediately spotted the issue; Phil, his sons Ivo and Ash, plus Josh's Mom and Dad, were staring at a wall with an arched door in the middle that had replaced their dining room table. Over the arch, in neon letters, was the phrase "Abandon Fear All Ye That Enter Here".

 After giving the family a practical demonstration of the swearing abilities of a sailor, in multiple languages, Josh added "... and since we've supposedly already had elves picking up cookies for Santa, why the Hell not? Maybe there's some sanity on the other side!"

"Daddy?" CJ interrupted, "How do you spell $&^% @@&^%% &^%#@%?"

Josh looked down, only to see four of his five sons sitting on the floor with a PADD, taking notes on what they'd just heard before they forgot. Before he could chastise them, Johnny giggled "I don't think you can do that with a sheep, Willy! Is that really what he said?"

Nigel chose that moment to join them, dressed in casual clothes instead of his normal butler attire. After giving a quick hug to Andrei, who was staring at Josh with his mouth open in shock, Nigel sniggered "Boys, I have already sent the transcript to Antonio and JJ to have them determine which phrases are appropriate for your positions. Johnny, I can assure you that it is not physically possible to do that with a sheep, and yes, that is an accurate transcription."

"What makes you think that my Grandsons would need such language?" Ron challenged.

Nigel replied seriously "Ron, as we all are aware, the youth present have each suffered injustices which have removed much of their innocence; in Johnny's case his was damaged as he integrated the memories he received from Willy. That is something which we can not recover. Their positions which they have taken upon themselves require them to interact with persons who would doubt their qualifications; knowledge of alternate forms of language which produce a shock factor can be useful in such situations."

Ron stewed over the response before replying "Unfortunately, your argument is valid. If I were you, I'd start studying; I fully expect you to pass your Bar exam by Memorial Day. I happen to have an open spot in my practice I need filled, as the previous employee suffered a sudden loss of all moisture in his body."

Deciding he was stuck, Josh snickered "Looks like you just gained a sideline, Nigel; Dad usually gets his way."

"We shall discuss it in a more appropriate setting," Nigel replied. "At the moment, I am more curious as to the function of this obvious entrance."

As if a command was spoken, the double doors within the archway swung open, revealing a tinted glass tunnel with a yellow brick floor. As the adults exchanged confused glances, the boys began giggling as they started singing "Follow The Yellow Brick Road" in harmony.

"I told you that you should have been a lawyer, Josh," Ron quipped before taking his wife's hand. "Shall we?"

Despite the humorous singing, both Josh and Phil found their sons ensuring they were in physical contact with their Dad before they reached the arch. Once through the arch, they were all amazed to find themselves in a large round chamber. As far as the eye could see in all directions, there were similar doors and pathways, all leading to a central column. At each connection point, there was an elevator door, already open on the occupied tunnels.

The group quickly made their way to the elevator, the view with no floor or ceiling visible at the very least unsettling to all of them. Once inside, they found that there were only two buttons: one labeled "Home", and the other labeled "Denny's".

"All of this for a Denny's?" Ron exclaimed in shock.

"Why not?" Josh replied. "Nothing else has been normal today!"

"Point taken," Ron replied.

Before anyone could say anything, Andrei reached out with his foot and tapped the "Denny's" button, which caused the doors to close and the elevator to start moving. As it made its way to wherever, it sometimes seemed to go sideways or sometimes even diagonal. Ten minutes later, it finally came to a stop, with the doors opening into a large waiting room.

"Are you all together?" an orange-skinned greeter with six arms asked sweetly, a smile on her(??) face.

Ron quickly spun to look the author in the eyes. "What in the HELL are you smoking?"

"Next time you'll read the whole script, won't you?"

"You'll hear from my agent!" Ron threatened before falling back into character. "Yes, dear, we are all together," he replied after turning back around.

"Okay; the Furst-Page party has requested that you be seated by them," she noted as she reached out with two arms and grabbed menus.

"What about that man and his sons?" Josh asked, pointing at the four males sitting on a bench.

"Their author hasn't released them yet," she replied.

"Their author can suck it," Andrei stated firmly. "It's Christmas; they're eating with us. If the author doesn't like it, he can deal with Grandpa Ron."

"My grandson has spoken," Ron growled. "Gentlemen, please join us; we can do introductions once seated."

Deciding that by the tone of Ron's voice that arguing was not an option, the young man and four boys stood up, their joints audibly creaking due to the extended lack of use. Once the dust cloud cleared from them shaking off the accumulated dirt that settles on an object which is not disturbed for an extended period, they joined the group and followed the greeter towards one of the large booths off to the side.

"Since when did Denny's start installing booths that seat thirty?" Josh asked as he spotted Marc, Danny, Jerry, KC, Joey, Noah, Caleb, Hunter, and Ron waving at them to join them.

As they got closer, Marc's eyes got wide. He waited until all of them to be seated, then asked "Hey Mike, who sprung you?"

"The little guy attached to the big guy," the oldest one of the four replied.

"Jeff's gonna be pissed!" Marc giggled.

"Not as pissed as I'll be if he tries anything," Ron stated. "Remember, we have Kyle on our side."

"Point made," Nigel chuckled. Observant as ever, he pointed to a table in one of the few corners in the huge dining room. The corner was dark enough to hide their identities, which made the glowing red buttons labeled "DELETE" stand out clearly. "Is that who I think it is?"

"That's them," Mike growled. "They didn't even look at us when they came in!"

"What are those buttons?" Chad asked with worry.

"They're nothing," Caleb giggled. "We already fixed them; they're supposed to be so they can delete characters, but all they really do is make funny noises now."

"GUYS? Can we PLEASE get back to the script?"

After sticking their tongues out at the author in unison, the group returned to what they were supposed to be doing.

"Guys, these guys are Mike, Mikey, Josh, and Dale." Danny stated. "They're from one of the other stories Jeff writes. Jeff refused to let us help them, but obviously AC thinks he can get away with this. I can't wait to hear Jeff when he finds out!"

"Danny! Stick to the script!"

After blowing a raspberry towards the corner table, Danny continued. "You can order anything you want; Noah has already tied it to Jeff's credit card."

"Fitting," the elder Ron chuckled. "Just out of curiosity, does anyone have any idea where in the HELL we're at?"

"The sign over there says 'Denny's at the Other End of the Universe!', Grandpa!" Willy giggled.

"Why couldn't I have found a nice quiet storyline, like the Terminator series?" Ron moaned. His neck audibly popped as he heard a deep voice from a nearby table state "I'll be bahck!", only to see a familiar cyborg heading towards the restrooms.

"Daddy, look, a DRAGON!" Johnny exclaimed, pointing towards a table halfway across the section they were in.

Josh turned his head, only to see a large orange dragon sitting at a table with a large group, one of which looked amazingly like Timmy Short. The fact that Josh had already spotted Timmy, who was with the rest of Time Touched and Platinum Habits circulating through the restaurant singing Christmas Carols, made the resemblance even more confusing.

As he was turning back to his family and new friends, Josh froze. At another large table, he spotted the familiar faces of Bork and Robbie. The other occupants were the shocking part; a pair of smaller dragons, some humans, what looked like a wookie, and an adult-sized gold robot that looked like the androids from Star Wars. One of the boys that had his back turned twisted around, revealing Levi's smiling face. He waved at Josh, then obviously giggled before turning back around to his friends.

"Can I get you some drinks?" a three-headed purple youth asked as he glided up to the table. "Before you ask, Patriarch Short has requested that since his mother won't let him have alcoholic beverages, nobody else should get them either."

"Smart kid," Josh chuckled. "How big of a coffeemaker do you have?"

"We have a tabletop model I can provide that serves 150 cups," the waiter replied. "Will you be needing one or two?"

"One should do it, some of the boys prefer other drinks," Josh chuckled.

"We have every known drink in the Universes, and a few that are not known yet," the waiter stated with a smile. "With the limitation of non-alcoholic, that still leaves 2845 varieties. Would you like the list?"

"Just bring me one of the not knowns!" KC interrupted.

"Me doo!" Joey giggled.

"What the heck, me three!" Jerry added. "If I turn a weird color, I'm blaming you Crash."

Once the rest of the drink orders were taken, with only a few braving KC's choice, the waiter glided off. A few seconds later, a panel slid down in the center of the table, and a gigantic coffeemaker with eight spouts lifted out of the table, complete with cups, saucers, plain and flavored creamers, and sugar. Those who didn't know them well watched as the younger Josh and Caleb got their coffee. audible groans went around the table as the boys barely put any coffee in the cup, Caleb even less than Josh, then they started adding creamer. Once the sugar started, audible gagging came from the people watching Caleb, with even the younger Josh exclaiming "OH MY GOD, DUDE! CHILL ON THE SUGAR!"

"Words I never thought I'd hear out of Josh's mouth!" Mike snickered, earning him a glare from the aforementioned youth.

"Told ya!" Marc, Danny, and Noah exclaimed in unison.

"I like it sweet!" Caleb argued defensively.

"I think we better look at food while we still have appetites," the elder Josh noted. "Caleb, don't join the Navy; torturing coffee like that is a court martial offense!"

To save their stomachs, everyone turned their attention to their menu. To their surprise, the menu was fifteen pages, covering the various offerings of every Denny's in existence. An insert offered the Christmas Special, which claimed to be a selection of foods from various universes and timelines custom selected to be edible by the intended recipient. The adults suddenly found that they had gained an additional responsibility, as every single person under 18 decided to just let the big people decide. After their petition to the author to get off his butt and actually write what each character would like to eat was denied, they quickly conferred with each other and decided to risk the Christmas Special, seeing as killing them off on Christmas didn't sound like something the author would do.

While they were waiting, the adults kept themselves entertained as they watched the boys' taste-testing the weird drinks that some of them had risked. After careful consideration, it was decided that the best one was a strange brew that somehow produced red and blue bubbles, with a purple haze that hung just above the exposed surface of the drink. By the time dinner was ready, refills were ordered by all, with even Caleb deciding to switch from his coffee to the hopefully healthier drink.

In classic Denny's style, the main course arrived in somewhat familiar trappings ... except for the 50-pound turkey-like main course that had eight drumsticks, apparently naturally. One serving tray contained eggs like none of them had ever seen; the whites were red, while the yolks were green and roughly the diameter of a Pepsi can. Another tray held omelets, which seemed strangely orange hued in color. Pancakes and waffles were also present, as were some very unusual looking pastry-type things. To the relief of the editors of this story, nothing on the table resembled a pizza... this time.

As the adults started with the more familiar and safe looking choices, the younger group graciously allowed KC to have first choice of the more exotic offerings. Once assured that nothing was dangerous, giving an extra five minutes just to be sure, they attacked the offerings with gusto. In no time flat, the group of boys decimated a meal that could easily feed a platoon, then turned to the adults and asked in harmony "What's for dessert?"

"There's no way that you guys could STILL be hungry!" Phil exclaimed with an amazed look.

"Their bodies are just reacting to being outside their home Universe," their waiter stated as he arrived with a cart full of ice cream treats and various pies. "It is a normal reaction for youth, no matter where they are from, until the body equalizes. Adults tend to adjust faster for some reason."

"For once, a logical explanation!" Josh sighed in relief. Noticing one of the pies, he asked "Is that a purple apple pie?"

"You would consider it similar," the waiter explained. "While it is not apples as you know them, the fruit has a similar texture and a complementary flavor to the spices. It is exclusive to this restaurant, as it's source Universe does not harvest the needed spices."

"In that case, I'll try one," Josh stated as he watched CJ and Chad carefully claim a snowman which appeared to be made out of ice cream, coconut, and whipped topping.

As they were just finishing their dessert, they watched as the staff erected a giant Christmas tree in the center of an unusually open area of the floor.  Thanks to multiple staff members with the ability to fly, in no time the tree was completely decorated. Once that was completed, they spread out to each of the tables, telling the guests that once everyone was finished the owner wished to make a speech before they all headed home.

Josh had no problem with the idea, as the carolers were still going strong, having rotated through their own dinners while the smaller groups that had either ate already or were next to eat kept the music going. What was the most amusing to Josh was when the Timmy-clone he'd spotted earlier joined up with Timmy and made the rounds, before dragging Timmy and Ricky off to eat dinner with him and the big orange dragon.

At that point, Josh realized that KC and Joey were at the table, yet Time Touched was caroling. "KC? I'm not complaining, but why are you and Joey with us instead of out there with the bands?"

"Dilly's looping us," KC grinned. "We didn't wanna miss the family time! He's looping the other guys too; most of the Clan is here somewhere."

"Thank you," Josh replied. "It wouldn't have been the same without you two joining us."

Just then, a twelve-foot tall, bearded man spoke up from near the tree. "Esteemed guests, may i have your attention please?"

All conversation slowly stopped as everyone turned to see what was going to be next. Once he was sure that everyone was paying attention, the large man continued. "Throughout the year, millions of characters are left abandoned by their authors. Others are the result of timeline splits, where the story went one way, but due to the skill of the author, the image built in the minds of the readers of how they wanted the story to go persists and is given life. Those that are not picked up by other serial authors, sometimes without knowing they are doing it, eventually end up here. The staff that you have interacted with tonight represents a small percentage of these people; even more are hoping for their author in shining armor to retrieve them."

Pausing to ensure everyone was still listening, the man then smiled. "Christmas is a time of giving hope in all universes, no matter what the local name may be. As you have all noticed by now, groups of authors have also been celebrating with you. The authors are aware of what is about to occur, and have agreed, some even willingly, to allow this. Please sit back and relax, your spirits will understand and tell your mind what to do. Children, you may proceed."

At his words, hatches under the tree opened up, and children of uncountable species began to pour out. Most of them stopped for a moment before turning and following an unseen beacon, while others sprinted off towards the far reaches of the restaurant dining area. Josh watched a pair of chrome yellow adolescent dragons who shyly made their way towards the big orange one, stopping and obviously whispering a question to the large creature. They obviously found the reply to be acceptable, as they almost knocked the big dragon over as they pounced him and held on for dear life.

A small voice suddenly got Josh's attention, echoed by similar small voices around the table. "Would you be my Daddy?"

Josh's head snapped around, only to find a little guy, about five years old, looking up at him with big orange eyes. The boy had dark red skin, yellow freckles, and glowing orange-blond hair. Without realizing that he was doing it, Josh instinctively held out his arms and picked the boy up to sit on his lap. "What's your name?" Josh asked softly.

"Axthahar," the boy whispered.

Josh didn't even need to ask, as the 'gift' that CJ and Chad had given him quickly indicated the feelings of his boys in the matter. "I hope you wanted brothers, because you've got five of them yelling 'YES' in my head right now," Josh stated as he gave Axth a squeeze.

"Daddy!" Axth whispered before wrapping his arms around Josh's chest and pulling himself in tight, obviously not planning on letting go for a long time.

As he stroked what appeared to be his new son's back, Josh looked around the table and smiled. The reason for the chorus was now apparent, as Ron, Phil (with TWO), Mike, Danny, Jerry, and KC all had similar appearing youth of various ages latched onto them in exactly the same way. CJ, Chad, Willy, Johnny, and Andrei quickly decided to come over and give their new little brother a proper welcome, introducing themselves and slipping in multiple hugs before pulling up chairs to be there as a family.

The bonding of the families was slightly interrupted when three men in pinstriped suits walked up to Josh. "Sir," the eldest of them stated, "We represent the law firm of Clemons, Clemens, and Clements of Haven, Pennsylvania, licensed to practice inter-dimensionally. we have just served a Cease-and-Desist order on the author of 'APTT' stating that any claim to the instances of Mike, Mikey, Josh and Dale present here are hereby revoked. The Court has ordered that they return with you to resume normal lives."

"Thank you," Josh replied. "You might want to give them your card for when they realize what they've just been sucked into!"

"Did anyone remember to call Uncle Peter when we get back so that he can have their wing of the house ready just after we left?" Johnny asked with a grin.

"Hey guys, you gotta come over here!" KC said as he picked Joey up out of his chair, "We'll be right back," he continued as he motioned to his gang to follow.

Approaching a nearby table, KC and Joey sat down at a table with the man and three boys that Andre and Ron had invited to join them. As Marc and Danny slid into the booth, Noah and Caleb dragged over a chair and shared it at the end of the table.

"I want you guys to meet." KC said with a smile.

"Okay," Danny said with a weird look on his face, "I'm Danny Page, this is..."

"Page?" Little Mikey giggled, and his best friend Dale covered his mouth to keep from laughing. "We had a son, Mike, and you never told me."

"No, I didn't." Mike shook his head and looked over at Danny, "My last name is Page too."

"That's weird, mine too," a young teen with longish brown hair said, cutting Danny off, "Name's Jack, my boss calls me Kid though. Sometimes Commander though."

"Hi Jack!" Joey shouted and waved.

"We got family everywhere," Jack laughed as he looked up and noticed the older teen, he had entered with was nowhere in sight. "Oops... Gotta run. Catch you Page's later." he stated as he turned and broke into a trot. "Yo Merit, wait up!"

"What was I saying?" Danny scratched his head and watched the kid run off.

"It doesn't matter, we all know each other kinda." Marc nodded. "KC says we needed to actually meet though."

"Well yeah," Noah nodded, "These guys got abandoned here by our author, remember?"

"No," KC shook his head, "He finished that story."

"Dude," Joshie shook his head, "If he did, we wouldn't be here."

"True." Mikey and Dale said at the same time.

"I gotta agree with them." Big Mike shrugged his shoulders. "Walked into a Denny's and then...nothing."

"No," Danny looked at Marc and shook his head, "I know he finished that story. We had to wait while he did," Danny added, looking back at Big Mike. "I mean, it was only fair. It was kinda our fault you got stuck between chapters for so long."

"Us?" Caleb opened his eyes wide.

"Well, not you and Noah, technically. Me and Marc mostly." Danny tried to smile, "Jerry and Joey too."

"I'm sowwy," Joey looked at the three new boys and sniffled.

"No way," Dale shook his head. "This place may have changed, like completely, since we first got here, but we've never left."

"No, he did," KC said as he spotted someone and smiled, "and he can confirm it."

"What?" Danny and Marc said as they turned and saw their author was passing by with a cup of coffee in his hand. "Oh, hi Jeff!"

"Hey guys, what's..." Jeff began to say, then trailed off as his eyed locked with the older Mike, a man who looked like a younger version of himself. Sitting next to a much younger version of himself. "Oh my god, no!" The author gasped and dropped his coffee.

"You finished their story, right." KC asked, not getting the man's attention.

"It can't be!" Jeff muttered as he slowly backed away from the table. "I finished it, I finished it, I fin..." He almost chanted as he disappeared into the crowd.

"That was weird." Caleb giggled.

"Not for him," Little Mikey shook his head. "Sad really."

"So how can you be here?" Danny questioned, then listened as everyone at the table threw out some really wild ideas. Then Caleb mentioned a Multiverse, and everyone at the table laughed at him. Everyone, except Joey.

"Acduawwy, Caweb is wighd. Dhe muldivewse dheowy is a hypodhedicaw gwoup of muldipwe univewses. Dogedhew, dhese univewses compwise evewydhing dhad exisds: dhe endiwedy of space, dime, maddew, enewgy, infowmadion, and dhe physicaw waws and consdands dhad descwibe dhem. Dhe diffewenw univewses widhin dhe muldivewse awe cawwed 'pawawwew univewses, 'odhew univewses, 'awdernade univewses', ow 'many wowwds". So id's possibwe if when Jeff sdawded wwighding ouw stowy dhad a vewsion of dhem gid sduck hewe in an awdernade univewse." Joey crossed his arms and nodded his head, satisfied with his explanation.

As the entire group sat in silence, completely confused, Timmy stopped at the table as he was going by "See! I told you. No one understand him!"

"Don't get him started!" Ricky giggled as him and the Timmy clone grabbed an arm each. "C'mon Jonah, we need to find cookies to shut him up!"

Jonah giggled. "'Goos' has Cinmon Crumbles' at our table, they're great!"

"Cinmon Cwumbwes'! I wand some! WAID UP GUYS!!!" Joey squealed as he climbed over Noah and Caleb and ran after the boys.

"Here we go again," KC stated with a shake of his head. He then shouted "Timmy, Ricky, Joey! NO ADOPTING DRAGONS!"

"Again?" Mike asked with a confused look.

"You really don't want to know," KC groaned. "Trust me, you REALLY don't wanna know!"

"I'll second Crash's opinion," Danny quipped. "Those three would adopt a dinosaur if they could."

"Too late," KC admitted with a shake of his head.

With that thought hanging over their heads, the remaining members of the group quickly made their way back to the relative sanity of the group table. As soon as Ron saw their faces, he chuckled. "I know that look; Joey explained something again, didn't he? I'm betting he was probably right, too."

"I'll let you know once the Leech finishes translating it for me," Danny replied. "Joey was speaking so fast that I couldn't keep up. That boy really needs to learn to take a breath!"

"He's just efficient," Jerry snickered in his son's defense.

Josh just shook his head, figuring anything he said would just add fuel to the fire. Smiling as he heard Axth softly snoring against his chest, he looked around the room. Everywhere he looked, there were what appeared to be new families bonding. He carefully shifted in his chair as he noticed that the big guy was once again preparing to speak.

"Christmas is for sharing, and as I look around, I see that a vast group is about to have the first proper Christmas in a while. Each of you that have opened your hearts need not worry, as the Spirit of Christmas looks out for those who share their love. Upon your return to where you came from, your companions will be integrated into your particular timeline as if it was originally their own."

The man reached into a bag on his waist, pulling out a handful of sparkling gold dust. He threw it into the air as he exclaimed "Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!"

Josh awoke, surrounded by warm bodies. 'That was some dream!' he thought as his mind started to clear the fog of sleep. As he became more aware, he could tell that CJ and Chad had somehow wedged themselves on his lap with Andrei, most likely after Willy and Johnny had squeezed in on either side of him.

Josh opened his eyes, only to find a little red face with big orange eyes and orange-blond hair just inches from his face. "Hi Daddy!"

The End

Merry Christmas from AC and the characters of the CSU!

CSU Archivist's Note:

Since ACFan informed me that I had to write these notes, here goes. I had Absotively Posilutely had nothing to do with the creation of this aww, I don't know what to call it. That is my story, and I am sticking to it. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad, Happy Kwanzaa, Holy Ramadan, Frohe Weihnachten! , Christmas Alegre! , Joyeux Noel!, God Jul!, Glaedelig Jul!, Nadolig Llawen, Gledelig Jul, Nollaig Shona Duit, Mele Kalikimaka.