Brynmor - Fill In The Blanks

Brynmor - Fill In The Blanks

Author's Note:

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 The day that John Q. Smith had dreaded, and at the same time looked forward to, was finally upon him. His first day as a freshman at the Greater Institute of Public Higher Education had arrived. He was as nervous as the proverbial long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. John was finally leaving the nest and doing something entirely on his own; there would be no one that he knew at his new school. John's first day at the Institute was going to be very busy since he had missed the New Student Orientation the previous week as there were still crops to bring in before he could escape the family farm in the small town of Erehwon. Thanks to the wonder of Al Gore's Internet Al Gore's Internet (" <a href=\"https:\/\/\/wiki\/Al_Gore\">Al Gore<\/a>&#160;is a former&#160;<a href=\"https:\/\/\/wiki\/United_States_Senator\">US Senator<\/a>&#160;who served as the&#160;<a href=\"https:\/\/\/wiki\/Vice_President_of_the_United_States\">Vice President of the United States<\/a>&#160;from 1993 to 2001, and is co-winner of the&#160;<a href=\"https:\/\/\/wiki\/2007_Nobel_Peace_Prize\">2007 Nobel Peace Prize<\/a>. In the 1980s and 1990s, he promoted legislation that funded an expansion of the&#160;<a href=\"https:\/\/\/wiki\/ARPANET\">ARPANET<\/a>, allowing greater public access, and helping to develop the&#160;<a href=\"https:\/\/\/wiki\/Internet\">Internet<\/a>. &#169;Wikepedia <a href=\"https:\/\/\/wiki\/Al_Gore_and_information_technology\">https:\/\/\/wiki\/Al_Gore_and_information_technology<\/a> "), John had a map of the campus and directions to the main Administration Building.

John found his Advisor's Office easily and was directed to a small conference room just down the hall where a small group of new students was awaiting their Orientation. Sophia Smith (no relation) began the Orientation as soon as John was seated and even before, he could open his notebook to take notes. The Orientation took less than half an hour and Ms. Smith handed out a slew of pamphlets and assorted other printed material. She also gave them links to the Institute's IntraWeb, for all of the pertinent information that they would need in the ensuing weeks. The one thing that she forgot to mention was the quiz buried in those links. No quiz no grades, the Institute was a very sneaky place. Since John was a meticulous note taker, he was the last person out of the room and since he was looking at his timetable and map as he walked out the door, the inevitable occurred. Of course, John stepped out of the door turned and ran smack into two veritable hulks of the stud variety. John fell to the floor - timetable, maps, and notebook flying.  As he was being helped up from, the floor he was stunned, as he looked up into the brunet hair hazel eyed face of his favourite cousin and then John passed out as he looked into the face of the blond-haired, sapphire-eyed quarterback of the Institute's Football Team.


 Tyler turned to his roommate with a look of question, "Aloysius, did we break him? I don't think we bumped into him that hard."

"Tyler, don't mind John, he wasn't allowed off the farm much, "Aloysius said as Tyler began to pick his cousin up off the floor, when Mrs. Smith walked out of the office.

"Tyler, did you break one of the new students already?" Mrs. Smith asked, one could hear the smile in her voice as she spoke.

"No Mrs. Smith, John walked into us then got up off the floor and passed out cold. I figured we could take him to the nurse's station or his dorm room." Tyler said with a deep blush spreading across his face.

"It would be best to take him to the nurse, but I know Julia has already left for the day. So, if you're willing to take him to his dorm room here is the key. He ran out without it, and here is his dorm assignment." Mrs. Smith said noticing the full body blush that Tyler was experiencing. "Just remember to be Gentlemen and wait for him to wake up."

Twenty minutes later in Lewis Hall, Dorm 314

"Aloysius, can I ask a question from you?" Tyler said nervously.

"Sure, Tyler. But I must point out you just asked me one already. So, we shall make it two questions." Aloysius said with mirth trying to get Tyler to calm back down. He was worried about his friend lately after he came out one night to him. He worried so much because Tyler was one of the most loyal friends he had ever had. He always had Aloysius back no matter what occurred.

"Aloysius, do you think he could… Umm… be… well…" Tyler sputtered then looked like he was about to break down in tears. "Be like me?"

"Tyler, I don't know. It is very possible I know he never dated but I don't know if that is the reason. What I do know is his family is very much a traditional Southern Baptist family, so if he is it might take him longer to warm up than it did with you and me." Aloysius said as he gave Tyler a comforting hug.

"Aloysius, I'm going to head back to the room. I need time to think about some things." Tyler said looking at John still out on the bed.

"Just remember if you need to talk, tell me when I get back to the dorm," Aloysius said looking at Tyler then John. "Besides, I'll be there within five minutes of him waking up."

September 13th, Main food court 2pm

Tyler and Aloysius were having lunch discussing the plans Tyler had for the Halloween party the upcoming month.

"So, are you going to ask him to attend or not?" Aloysius asked looking at Tyler as he was staring into space.

"Aloysius, I think I will drop an invite in his locker next month. But if I do will you please consider making sure he can make it. He hasn't opened up to anyone but you and the professors since he got here." Tyler said tapping the table and pointing to John, who was sitting on a stone eating lunch away from everyone.

The day before the Party

John stood there for what seemed hours as he looked at the exquisite invitation that had been slid into his Gym Locker. With fumbling hands, he opened the invitation and nearly dropped it. He stood there in shock as he read the contents of the invitation, completely forgetting that he was nude, something he wasn't used to doing in public. The invitation was to a Halloween Party at the home of the same quarterback that he had run into his first day at the Institute. 'There is no way I am going to this party, I have no clothes and I don't know any of the people that will be there. On top of that, they will probably all be rich snobs like most of the students at the Institute.' John's thoughts were running way ahead of his reading and then he came to the kicker in the Invitation. 'No Regrets, your cousin will pick you up at 7:30 PM and drive you to the party. The dress is casual, masks and costumes preferred!'

Sure enough, at 7:30 PM (on-the-dot) of the evening of the party John's cousin Aloysius P. Smith knocked on the door of John's dorm room, and then walked on in. Less than five minutes later the two cousins were on their way to the party. John's curiosity wasn't satisfied on the way to the party as his cousin deflected all of John's questions with tidbits of family matters. They arrived at the party and Aloysius introduce John to his host and then disappeared. The host, whose name John could never remember, gave John a tour of his house and introduced John to so many people that John's memory banks went into an overload state. The host finally left John in a room that had a few of John's classmates and said,

"Don't go anywhere, I will be right back."

John conversed a bit with some of his classmates, and also nibbled on some of the finger food from trays scattered around the room. The host returned with a dripping unopened can of a local cola for John and then they resumed their tour. John awoke as the sun peeked through the window of his dorm room with no idea of how he got there. As he was getting out of bed John realized that he was still fully dressed. He staggered into the small half bath and looked into the mirror. John let out a scream that could be heard on the moon as he realized that the clothes he was wearing weren't his own. Just before he passed out he realized that the clothes belonged to . . .

Tyler's dorm room

"I can't believe Mark did that to John. I want to see if he is alright." Tyler said pacing circles in the dorm room.

"Tyler get your things we will check on him, so it will calm your nerves," Aloysius said worried about John as much as Tyler was.

Walking down the hall, Tyler noticed people looking and pointing to him. Surely, they weren't doing it over him being gay, since he had been out since August.

Finally having enough, he stopped and looked at the nearest person and asked, "What have I done to be pointed at and talked about in the halls?" Tyler asked with no sign of malice in his voice.

"I guess that was rude of me, my name is Jennifer and I just thought it was excellent how you put a hurting on Mark for everything he did to John last night. John is a very quiet person whether or not he is gay. Mark was just being horrible calling him names, throwing the drink on him and tossing him in the pool." Jennifer asked looking up at Johns hero with wonder. "Then we watched how you jumped in to help him when he hit the side of the pool as he was tossed in."

Jennifer walked up to Tyler gave him a small hug and brought his ear down, so he could hear what she whispered. "If you haven't told him yet, you should take a chance and tell him how much you love him. We can all see it in your eyes."

Johns dorm room

John was sitting on the bed trying to figure out how he was wearing Tyler's clothes. It wasn't like they were the wrong size. He was only a little taller. Looking back on the night before. He also wondered if Tyler knew about his orientation. For that matter, he wondered if his cousin knew? He brought his thoughts to a stop when he heard the knock at the door. When he opened the door, he felt his heart skip a beat.

"Hello, Tyler?" John asked trying to remember if he said the right name."

"Can we come in?" Tyler asked and pointed to Aloysius and Jennifer.

"Yes, you may come in," John said with a touch of fear in his voice.

As he turned to walk back to the bed he halted as he felt a pair of arms come around to embrace him in a warm hug.

"Please, calm down, I am nervous enough for the both of us," Tyler said just above a whisper. "I am into you, I really like you and want to date you." 

They both turned at the sound of the door closing and noticed Aloysius and Jennifer were gone.

"Please tell me you're not kidding me?" John asked as he felt a warmth heat up his cheeks.

"I would never kid about that no matter what," Tyler said as John turned to face him. "I want us to be a couple, I haven't been able to concentrate on anything but you for weeks."

John simply leaned forward and whispered "Yes!" and then initiated a lip lock.


"Jennifer, do you think they will work out?" Aloysius asks staring into her eyes.

"I'm certain of it, but I think we would work out better if you would ask me to date you and then kiss me," Jennifer said with a hint like a sledgehammer being used on a defective router. "Aloysius, kiss me?"

"Yes, Maam," Aloysius said looking into Jennifer's eyes.


The End for now!