Cupid's Arrow ~ 2019

Cupid's Arrow ~ 2019

Cameron and Brandon had been seeing each other for a year. Valentine was coming up and neither had mentioned it. Valentine's Day arrived and Brandon called, "Hey, are we doing anything today?"

"I don't have anything planned," Cameron replied.

Brandon asked, "Are you bored with me?"

"What? Why would you think that?" Cameron was puzzled.

"Today is Valentine's Day and you… nevermind."

"Me? Why didn't you make plans if you wanted to do something?" Cameron wasn't happy with how this conversation was going. He was more upset because he had forgotten something else.

"Just forget it; you obviously don't care that much about me. I never want to see you again." Brandon slammed the phone down.

Cameron sat there, stunned. He had been so busy with with his senior classes, he had forgotten Valentine's was even coming. He made some calls but all the restaurants were already booked. His mom offered to make her ever popular Moules à la crème Normande.

Cameron shopped for all the ingredients. While he was out, he stopped at the jewelry store. He found the perfect ring, or at least he thought it was the perfect ring. He paid for it and slipped it into his pocket.

While his mom was cooking the dish, Cameron drove over to Brandon's house. He paced and reached for the doorbell several times.

Finally, with his stomach all in knots, Cameron pressed the doorbell. Brandy opened the door, "What do you want?"

"I… i… is Brandon home?" Cameron had a slight quiver in his voice.

"He doesn't want to see you," Brandy snarled.

Cameron was on the verge of tears, "Pl… please, I need to see him. I came to apologize."

"I… I'll see him," Brandon cried.

"I am so sorry," Cameron started. "With all the extra work with this being my senior year, I totally forgot what day it was. When you said today was Valentine's Day, I was thinking, 'Oh shit, that means yesterday was the anniversary of our first date.' I am so sorry, but I did run out to get you a gift."

"Do you think a gift will make up for it? You hurt me," Brandon wept.

Cameron shook his head, "No, but I never meant to hurt you. I simply forgot the day and with as busy as I have been, my days have been running together. I can't apologize enough."

Amethyst Ring PNG

Cameron pulled the ring out of his pocket and Brandon stared at it. "What does the amethyst represent? I know diamonds are the gemstone for love, but I don't  know what amethyst means."

Cameron smiled, "I went with the amethyst because it is the birthstone for February, the month we met. Brandon, I truly do love you and am so sorry that I hurt you. Can you forgive me?"

"I guess I am just as much at fault. You shouldn't have to plan everything and I could have made reservations."

"About that… as soon as you hung up, I called every restaurant. They are all booked, but my mom made her special dish for us. She and Dad are leaving until around midnight."

"I was so mad at you, but I understand. Even homeschooled, I am being busy with senior classes. I can't help but forgive you. I guess Cupid doesn't give up."

"I hope he never does give up when it comes to you and me. I really love you, Brandon."