Jonah and Timmy's Trip To The North Pole - JTF-C & TS

Chapter One

Author's Note (Forced)

Hi folks,

Uncle TSL and Uncle AC, the two big meanies, made us put these words in here: Although the following words reference both The Dragon Earl Universe and The Clan Short Universe, they are not part of them. They are in no way Canonical in either Universe and never will be.

Whatever that means, now on to our story!

Jonah & Timmy

Picking Up Timmy & Ricky Part One:

Jonah couldn't wait for the family trip to the North Pole; it would be his first trip off Draconis. It would also be his first trip on the family's new Space Yacht, the DSL Jonah Timoty Forte-Campbell. Thinking about the new ship made him even more excited, if that was even possible.

Suddenly Jonah had what he thought was a great idea, in fact, so great that he ran off to grab his minder Corporal Logi, his Page/Bodyguard and new best friend D'rryl, and Joth's Page, John. Jonah needed John if he wanted his "brilliant" new plan to work.

Ya, see, it is like this, Jonah wanted to bring his Non-Draconis Best Friend Timmy, and Timmy's Best Friend, Ricky, along with him on the trip.

However, as you probably have guessed by now, there was a gigantic fly in the ointment! Nobody on Draconis knew who Timmy was, and even if they did, they would have no idea where to go to get him. Interesting little conundrum, wouldn't you say?

But to Jonah and his bestest friend, ever 'Goos' little things like no one on Draconis knew where Timmy lived on planet Earth wasn't a problem. How is that not a problem?

Just one darn tooting minute here, first we were talking about Space Yachts, now we are talking about Dragons. What in tarnation is going on here?

Since I don't want to make this Short Story into a novel, the answer to that question is here Draconis The BeginningDraconis The Beginning ("Long, long ago, shrouded in the mists of time, the planet Draconis was born; but not in the usual sense. There was no cosmic bang, no fire and brimstone, just a glowing nimbus that appeared out of the vast darkness of space and landed on the planet unpopulated by Humanoid Life Forms that would become the world known as Draconis.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">Before the nimbus arrived, there were no dragons, Dragon Lords, Elves, Faerie or even Olde Folke; there was only a virgin planet waiting to be inhabited with life. Oh, there was life, but only animal life, or so the new arrivals thought. But we are getting a little ahead of the story.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">On several planets scattered throughout the universe, the human population was expanding along with human religions and encroaching upon the habitats of the Non-Humans. The encroaching tide of humanity was causing severe problems for many of the Non-Human Races and their Human friends. The majority of the Non-Human Races or Species were by nature reclusive and preferred to live out their lives in simple harmony with nature. On the worst of the planets, Humanity had started to industrialize and pollute the planets and atmospheres with their factories and plundering of the once bountiful natural resources. On most planets, the Non-Humans and Humans coexisted peacefully, usually governed by a Council of some sort with representatives of most or all races and species on the Council. On some planets the Humans were unaware of their Non-Human neighbours, as the planet was large enough that the species never crossed each other's paths.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">The expansion of the Human Races and their non-Nature or Planetary based religions caused problems for the planets themselves, not just the Non-Human Races and Species. In most cases, the planets were alive and sentient, and when the Human Species and its Races started worshiping Idols and other Non-Planetary Beings, a major source of their power disappeared. On the planet called Earth by its Human inhabitants and known as Terra to most others, including the Spacefaring Non-Humans, the planets sentience was known as Gaia or Mother Earth by the Humans. Gaia, as well as the other Sentient Planets, were concerned with the problems caused by the expanding Human population and the loss of worship tied to their planets.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">At Council meetings throughout the Universe, the Non-Human Races and their Human Allies picked their representatives to attend an Assembly of Species to decide how to deal with the encroaching human problem. The Grand Assembly, as it was called, was held on an uninhabited world that was usually reserved as a Rest and Recreation Planet for folks travelling between planets. The members who physically attended included Dragons, Faeries, Elves, Centaurs, Unicorns, Humans and more. Those who were unable to attend sent their proxies with their closest allies, or attended through telepathic links with those who were there. Their methods of travel were as varied as the species and races attending. Most of the Elves, Faeries, Unicorns and Centaurs choose to walk the \"Rainbow Bridge, The Bridge of Light, the Moon Path or The Ladder to the Stars. For those Humans and other species whose magic was not strong enough, the Dragons flew them. Although the planet of the Grand Assembly was a long distance away from many of the attendee's Home Planets, the trip took only several minutes or several hours for most attendees. A few of the Elves and Faeries joined the Dragon Flights to discuss ideas and solutions along the way. The Magical Shields cast by those involved protected all of the journeyers. All those who attended were unanimous in the choice of solutions. It was decided to choose small search parties to scour the Known and Unknown Universe to find other Habitable Planets to establish new worlds where Non-Humans and those Humans of like minds could coexist in peace again.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">The search parties, although small in number, were large enough to establish temporary beachheads on planets that seemed to suit their needs. As it turned out, the search party that landed on the planet soon to be known as Draconis consisted of a large number of Dragons, Elves and other Species to whom a Volcanic Planet was Valhalla. Although the planet had a fair amount of volcanic ability, it seemed to be tectonically stable. The plant life, as they would find out later, was particularly well suited to what would be their new home.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">As none of the walking path methods of Space Travel worked towards unknown destinations, the search parties usually consisted of a Dragon or two, several Elves and Faeries to supply the magical means of Space Flight and protection. Several of the parties also had a Planetary Sentience in Physical Form.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">The glowing nimbus seemed to expand dramatically to anyone or anything which was capable of observing it. The glow slowly subsided, and moving figures were soon visible within the now sparkling bubble. After several minutes, three figures started walking out of the now quite large bubble; as they neared the bubble's edge, the bubble began to bulge. The bubble stretched until the three figures inside were approximately ten feet or so from the larger bubble; at that point, one of the figures turned back towards the large bubble, raised its hands and then made a circling motion with them. The instant the hands completed their motion, the center of the tube connecting the two bubbles began to constrict until the two bubbles looked like a lopsided hourglass. Several seconds later, the two bubbles separated with an audible snap. As soon as the two bubbles had separated, one of the figures inside the smaller bubble clapped its hands, and the bubble disappeared. Standing in the meadow were now an Elf, a Dragon and a Unicorn.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">The three beings communicated silently for several minutes while the Elf's eyebrows were raised in curiosity.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">'With all of the volcanic activity on this planet, why does the air smell so clean and fresh?' Were the thoughts going through the three testers' minds. Each of the testers sent the question to each other and to their allies in the large bubble, and the answer was the same.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">'No idea'<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">After several minutes of using their enhanced senses and a few magic spells, the three testers pronounced the planet safe; dissipated their personal shields and instantaneously, the large bubble disappeared, and the rest of their party joined them. The group of Dragons was communicating among themselves and their Planetary Sentience, who had taken the form of a Ghostly Golden Dragon named Draconis.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">The Dragons and Draconis finished their conversation and then launched into flight to test out the planet's gravity and wind currents. The Dragons were exultant as they found the gravity perfect for flying and numerous thermals to make flying a joy. With a triumphant ringing peal that sounded like a chorus of trumpets. 'We are here to stay!' Draconis launched her Majestic Golden Body into the crystalline blue sky, issued a trumpeting trill that sounded suspiciously like \"Eureka,\" and she then turned and dove directly into the planet. Immediately, there was heard a resounding peal of trumpets all over the planet. The air around the planet became crisper and cleaner; the Sun glowed a little brighter, and The Planet Draconis was born.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">The Dragons returned to the meeting area with their report on the wind conditions and their Aerial Observations. When they had finished giving their reports, there was a general request for them to take all of the members that would fit adragonback and do a further search to find other areas suitable for habitation. The Dragons had already requested this area and the surrounding countrysides for themselves. The Unicorns and those Elves who could use spells to fly went off in their assigned directions, while the Dragons took flight again, this time with their passengers. It had been agreed to return in three days' time.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">The remaining members of the Search Party started construction of simple quarters to house themselves and the first members of the Colonizing Party when they arrived. Those members of the Search Party not involved in the construction started making maps from the Dragon's first flight and then started adding items and descriptions as the mental reports started coming in. The descriptions were more on the line of habitat and related items, which helped the incoming Colonists decide which areas were best suited to them.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">As soon as the remaining Dragon had finished his part of the construction, which mainly consisted of burning out drainage ditches; he took a flight to check out some of the areas that the first flight had thought would make good locations for Weyrs. One of the locations that he checked out was a Mountain Peak, an hour or so flight away from the landing site. This location was going to be the sight of their main Weyr and possible headquarters. This site would be reachable only by winged beings or those who could \"Walk the Paths\" of their choice. This wasn't done to isolate themselves entirely, but was a precaution they had learned over the eons from being persecuted when \"Humans\" changed.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">By the evening of the third day, all of the individual search parties had returned and given their oral or mental reports to add to the ones that they had already sent in. It was a unanimous decision that a party should be sent back to the Grand Assembly with the recommendation that Draconis was suitable for most races to inhabit. There were several unfavourable items attached, but these were minor; First was the fact that Draconis was far off their normal Space Traveling Lanes. Second was the slightly lower gravity than Terra, only Twelve Percent lower. The other ones were pertinent only to the affected Species and their races.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">The party that would be returning to the Grand Assembly was a very small one; The Senior Dragon, The Senior Unicorn and The Senior, Human Representative. The remaining members of the search party began preparations to move to their own selected areas when the first of their species arrived.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">Several days passed before the first of the Colonizing Parties began arriving, and they were a very varied mix. One of the first groups to arrive consisted of a large contingent of several races of Elves, \"Humans,\" Faeries and other assorted Humanoid Species. There was also a small contingent of Centaurs along with a large group of Feline Creatures that would expand and grow into what we know as Erehwonese Mountain Kats. One of the last groups to arrive was a large flock of Eagle like creatures that would eventually be known as War Eagles. Each arriving group only stayed at the initial landing spot long enough to get directions for the locations they wanted to look at for habitation. Luckily there were plenty of Dragons to provide transportation for those who needed it. Of course, not everyone would fit adragonback, so nets and other devices like simple Trapezes were used when necessary.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">Some of the reasons that the Dragons had chosen the peak were not only for the Thermal Vents and Hot Springs, but because it also had several Cold Water Lakes and several meadows for the feed herds. However, the most important reason was the fact that there was a Planetary Power Nexus located there. The Nexus would come in handy in the future, but for now, the Dragons just wanted to reserve the location for their use. For the time being, they quickly hollowed out some of the Natural Caves and Caverns on the ridge above the valley for their temporary use. The later inhabitants of that ridge would build their castle there for the same reason the Dragons made it their temporary home; plenty of heat and hot water, plus cool Mountain Breezes in the summer. Of course, as the Dragons had moved on to other locales, the new inhabitants would wonder about the fully functional Weyr they found.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">The Colonizing Parties continued to arrive for the next several months, until everyone who wanted to live on Draconis had arrived. Very few of the colonists decided to go back to their Homeworld or try another planet as Draconis was a perfect fit for most. The scientific types finally decided that the majority of the plant life on Draconis was designed to filter all of the noxious fumes out of the air, including the lichens and mosses. The fact that their planet was also sentient was a wonderful plus, as Draconis herself would help keep any disruptive tectonic disturbances to a minimum or provide advance warning of any dangerous disturbances. All in all, it was a wonderful place to live.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">Over the next several centuries, the different species and races spread out over Draconis, finding the ideal locations for themselves. Eventually, the \"Humans\" migrated into their own cities, separating slightly from the Non-Humans; but rarely breaking off contact completely. In almost all of the cases where separate cities or nations were founded, their reverence of Draconis never wavered. In the nations where religions proliferated, Draconis was always at the top except in a very few cases where She was a Sub Deity. Of course, there were a few exceptions where venerating Draconis was forgotten or even forbidden, but those places could be counted on one hand.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">Contact between planets was rather normal and then, for many reasons, gradually tapered off, until only the planets where the Human Races were living in peaceful coexistence used Space Travel as a method of keeping in touch occurred. Travel between most worlds, including Draconis and Terra, was completely cut off once Colonization was completed. The political situation on Terra was such that it made contact with those remaining there nearly impossible. With Gaia, losing power due to her dwindling numbers of believers, visitors to Terra needed to rely on their own powers and magics to render themselves invisible. So only the most powerful or those who had a Dragon as a friend would make the trip to Terra, and those trips were very brief due to the amount of power needed.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">As the centuries turned, the civilizations rose and fell as on any other planet. Wars were fought and lost but usually not to the extent of extinction. If common sense did not prevail, then Draconis would find some way or another to end the hostilities. It is amazing what a rockslide here or there, or the rerouting of a river will do to armies trying to reach a battlefield. There came a time when there were too many wars and battles for Draconis to control by herself, so she enlisted some help. It took several generations for her plan to bear fruit; first, She had to get several of the Non-Human Races to breed with several of the Human Races until She had the right blends of skills. Once the Humanoid part of her plan was complete, she had to convince the other main party to join her plan. Draconis was very lucky because the second group she needed was almost as old and wise as She; in fact, several members of the species were older than Draconis by centuries. Draconis decided that this visit needed to be in her physical form, so on a glorious afternoon, a large Ghostly Golden Dragon was seen winging its way to the main Dragon Weyr high above the initial landing spot. The conversation and planning went very swiftly, and soon Dragon Couriers were winging their way to the Elven Strongholds, including Elvandia, for the help of the Elves would be necessary for the Military part of the plan to succeed. The Dragon Couriers were also sent to several of Draconis' new Human Species to bring them to the Weyr. Needless to say, the humanoids were quite shocked to see a Dragon swooping down at them and then hear the invitation in their heads.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">Once everyone had arrived, Draconis laid out her plan, and everyone started to work; they soon reached an agreement. The Elves would provide the Military Training and, with the Dragons' help, the weaponry. The Humanoids would provide the planning and governance, while the Dragons would be their partners in governing and fighting. The Humanoids would fly on the Dragons' backs providing a swift and deadly fighting force. It was the hope of Draconis that the speed and overwhelming strength of the Humanoids and Dragons together would quickly render any conflicts mute. The last item of consideration was the location of the first headquarters of the new group; as the Dragons were providing the largest initial portion of the new group, they were allowed to choose the first location. They chose a location very near their Weyr that just happened to sit upon the Planetary Power Nexus. The Dragons, Humanoids and Elves quickly devised plans for the headquarters; construction would start once they had brought in a few skilled Olde Folke Masons to incorporate the Planetary Power Nexus into the building's inner being.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">With all of the skilled labour being supplied and the sheer ability of the Dragons, Elves and Olde Folke to shape stone to their will, construction was completed very quickly. After a quick inspection, the headquarters was declared ready for occupancy. DragonsHolme was open for business and occupancy by The Dragon Lords. A new era on Draconis had begun.<\/p>\r\n<p style=\"text-align: justify;\">The era of the Dragon Lords lasted only a few generations of actual governance; The Dragon Lords were around for a long time after, but as the need for them disappeared, they faded into the background. Eventually, only DragonsHolme was actually staffed, and due to its methods of construction, it would be there whenever needed. Eventually, even that castle wasn't needed, as The Dragons continued on with their lives as they had before. The Dragon Lords were eventually absorbed into the other Humanoid Races and their skills were now part of the Planetary Gene Pool. ") And now you know the answer to that question. I bet you weren't expecting a story within a story, now were you?

Okay, back to the story and the nitty-gritty, Jonah needs John to come along on the trip to keep his parents happy. So if you haven't guessed by now what Jonah's great idea is, I think I will just have to tell you.

Ya, see, Jonah plans to pick up Timmy and Ricky by having 'Goos' and Cris fly to Earth, Orlando, Florida precisely. Now that you know Jonah's great idea, I can hear more questions coming. Like how do you hide two dragons the size and colour of 'Goos' and Cris? Since they are both larger than a normal-sized house, they would be kind of hard to hide. I asked Jonah that question as all 'Goos' would say was, "Que Sera, Sera." Jonah's answer was in a similar vein, "Now you see them now you don't. So, now you know as much as I do.

Of course, after Jonah had assembled all of his helpers and they were busy putting the special harnessed on 'Goos' and Cris, he made a quick sneaky trip to the kitchen to cadge some 'Cinmon Crumbles. Completely unknown to him, Cook knew everything about his "great idea." She had several packages of 'Cinmon Crumbles all wrapped up and ready to go. Two of the parcels had Timmy and Ricky's names on them. Cook warned Jonah not to expect any more 'Cinmon Crumbles if Timmy and Ricky didn't get theirs! Jonah was a bit shocked, but he bravely replied, "Yes, Cook, I member!"

Now On To Earth...

Earth, The Final Frontier. Picking Up Timmy & Ricky Part Two:

Once Jonah arrived with his food supplies, John took charge and got everyone situated on 'Goos' and Cris. Jonah ensured that John had all of the 'Cinmon Crumbles securely fastened. He didn't want to get on the wrong side of Cook, because he wanted a lot more 'Cinmon Crumbles and Joth Bars.

Luckily for everyone concerned, no one was in the Royal Weyr when Jonah's Posse was ready to take off for Earth. Since 'Goos' had warned Jonah that sometimes Space Flight could get a bit chilly even inside the bubble, so everyone was decked out in the warmest Dragon Flight Gear that the Castle and John could provide.

Everything was ready for the trip to pick up Timmy and Ricky and see the Planet Earth for the first time for any Draconisian. Jonah was pleased about that fact, plus he could share that with D'rryl. This would also be Cris's first flight through space; Jonah was happy to share that event with Cris. D'rryl would also be the first Elf to step foot on Earth in aeons.

Jonah and John decided to ride on 'Goos' while D'rryl and Logi rode on Cris. Jonah decided that he would share Cris with Logi and D'rryl, plus he was looking forward to spending some time with John as he hadn't been able to bond with John due to Joth running him ragged. Jonah wanted his excellent friend Logi to have some bonding time with his best friend, D'rryl. He was hoping that they would be able to speak clearly during the flight. 'Goos' assured Jonah that everything would be perfect. Jonah was crossing his fingers that 'Goos' was correct. Time would tell, as although the flight covered a very long distance, it wouldn't take as long as the Space Yacht would take. The flight using Magic Bubbles would be over very quickly.

Unfortunately, those that were looking for a sightseeing trip were in for a rude awakening. Inside the bubble, you could see who was on the dragon you were riding. However, nothing outside the bubble was visible, or audible.

'Don't worry, Jonah, you will be able to see all of Earth once we arrive there.' 'Goos' sent to his young friend Jonah.

Logi was pleasantly surprised to find out that Cris was really nice and that he could even talk with Cris as he was almost in physical contact with him.

All of the riders spent the time talking to and learning about each other they did get a surprise when Cris started relaying John and Jonah's conversations. Soon everyone was chatting back and forth, and the rest of the trip passed very quickly.

As promised, once they were in Earth's atmosphere and at a safe level, 'Goos' and Cris dropped their bubbles. However, they didn't drop their shields, which prevented anyone from seeing them. The flight to Orlando became a bit of a rollercoaster due to those same shields. Since all of the aircraft flying the regular routes couldn't see the two dragons and their passengers, 'Goos' and Cris had to do a bit of fancy flying to avoid them.

Everyone except for D'rryl was having a fantastic time riding their Dragon Rollercoasters. D'rryl had the least amount of experience flying on Dragons.

"What if we fall off," D'rryl asked in a shaky voice?

John very quickly answered him;

"Don't worry, D'rryl, Cris would catch you before you had fallen more than a few feet. Plus, 'Goos' would fly directly below you and either he would catch you or we would. So, don't worry about a thing. You are perfectly safe."

'Have no fear, young D'rryl; we wouldn't let anything happen to Jonah's Best Friend and Soulmate.' D'rryl was a bit shocked when he "heard" both 'Goos' and Cris in his head.

Seconds later, everyone "heard" another voice with dulcet overtones as a ghostly Golden Dragon appeared between the two groups. The voice said;

'Yes Jonah and D'rryl you are soulmates or as Just' would say, "Mo Shíorghrá." "Mo Shíorghrá." (" Soulmate or Eternal Love")Cris let the Kat out of the bag; I had hoped that you would have a few years to get to know each other and to grow into the wonderful persons that you are and will be. However, that is all water under the bridge, and you have two amazing folks to use as role models in Joth and Just'. D'rryl, you must also know that Just' and Jonah are mine and can act as my Avatars on Draconis, particularly in Erehwon. So, D'rryl, that means that you must protect Jonah with your life just as J'ame will do for Just'. Now go on and have an exciting trip, and know that wherever and whenever you are, you are under my wings.' With that, Draconis was gone.

Moments later, the intrepid adventurers arrived at the Orlando compound; as the riders stepped out of the shields, you would think that anyone who saw them would be shocked. However, everyone at the Orlando Clan Compound was used to people popping in and out, so no one got alarmed. Several of the boys there started walking over to the newcomers and got really excited when they saw "Timmy." The older boy Sean Patrick was slightly confused because he had just seen "Timmy" in a different part of the compound, and Ricky was with him. This time Ricky wasn't with "Timmy," and he didn't recognize any of the people with "Timmy." Throwing all caution to the wind, Sean Patrick walked up to the newcomers and said, hi Timmy, who are your new friends?

Jonah was the only one in the group to know what Sean Patrick was talking about.

Jonah then spoke up, "My name is Jonah, not Timmy, and these are my friends John, D'rryl, and Logi. However, I am looking for Timmy and Ricky. Who are you, and do you know where Timmy is?"

"My name is Sean Patrick, and I will take you to where I last saw Timmy and Ricky. If you follow me, we'll be there in a few moments."

Of course, the other clan members decided to follow Sean Patrick and Jonah. Within a couple of minutes, they found Timmy and Ricky playing with Duke and William.

To the shock and amazement of everyone, as soon as Timmy saw Jonah and Jonah saw Timmy, they called out at the same time," Jonah," " Timmy.

The group from the Draconis, was the most shocked of all, could not figure out how Jonah, who had never left Draconis, could recognize Timmy and know his name.

The Clan members were shocked as well but only partially compared to the Draconisians; they were just surprised that Timmy could recognize someone they had never seen before. At the same time, everyone was trying to figure that out Jonah and Timmy for hugging each other and talking to each other a mile a minute. Ricky decided to go over and speak to D'rryl because D'rryl was standing there with a confused and protective look on his face.

'I don't like it, a strange person is hugging my soulmate, and I am supposed to be protecting him. How can I protect Jonah when someone is that close and holding him, and I am away from him.' Those were thoughts going through D'rryl's head.

"Hi, my name is Ricky and Jonah said your name was D'rryl, Timmy is my best friend, and we are usually never far apart. From your eyes and your expression, I can tell that you don't like being away from Jonah. Don't worry; Jonah and Timmy are galactic twins and would never hurt each other. While they are getting to know each other again, we should get to know each other. You could also introduce me to the rest of your friends, and we can talk to each other while Jonah and Timmy talk forever. Will that work for you?" Ricky asked D'rryl.

To Ricky and D'rryl's surprise, Jonah and Timmy only spoke for a few more minutes and then walked over to join them.

Hi Ricky, D'rryl and I would like to invite you to join us on our trip to The North Pole. Would you like to join us it will be a lot of fun, you can meet my two dads and the rest of my family? Jonah carefully did not mention who his parents and family were or where they lived.

Timmy and Ricky looked at each other with a gleam in their eyes and ear-to-ear grins. Without asking each other, they both answered;

"Sure, when do we leave?"

Now it was D'rryl and Jonah's turn to look at each other; only they immediately started giggling. If they had been closer to the other group of boys and teens, they would have heard John mutter;

"Oh NO! They are at it again!"

Everyone in that group turned to see what John was muttering about. As soon as they saw Jonah and D'rryl giggling their heads off and almost falling down, Sean Patrick asked;

"Are they as bad as Timmy and Ricky?"

Not quite knowing what to say, John decided to answer from his past experience.

"Probably worse, not a day goes by that I am stuck getting them out of trouble. The problem is D'rryl's job is to keep Timmy out of trouble!"

Like Jonah, John was trying not to give everything away. Even though he was nominally in charge, this was Jonah's show.

While John was doing his explaining, Jonah and D'rryl pulled themselves together and carefully wiped their grins off each other's faces.

"How about right now? Our ride is waiting for us."

Speaking of their ride, 'Goos' and Cris were busy communing with Gaia and using the energy she was supplying to recover some of the energy they had expended on the flight to earth. They hadn't expended much; however, not only would it have been rude to refuse, it was safer to have plenty to spare. Even for Dragons, space could be a dangerous place. Gaia had the energy to spare in part due to Clan Short and their cleansing of a lot of the negative energy from Earth. Not only was Gaia communing with 'Goos' and Cris she was also sending D'rryl a lot of information about his race. She also tweaked a few of his latent powers in case he needed them before they developed naturally. She also added a small packet of info into Jonah's brain for Andreu. When Jonah and Andreu finally meet, the knowledge will be shared between them.

"Cool, do we need any clothes? Asked Ricky, as he knew Timmy would never think to ask that. Ricky was actually surprised that Timmy was still dressed. If he only knew how alike Jonah and Timmy were, he would probably change his mind about the trip.

"No, we have enough for the two of you; we are the same size or close enough," Jonah replied and then turned to where John and Logi were yakking with the Clan.

"John, we are ready to go, time to leave, so say goodbye."

Of course, everyone then wanted to know where they were going. John calmly replied;

"To the North Pole."

While Logi and John were trying to extricate themselves from the questioning horde, Timmy was talking to Tommy in CIC.

"Hi, Tommy, please tell my Dad and Pop that I am going with Jonah to The North Pole. When Pops asks who Jonah is, tell him, 'That Jonah,' got it?

"Will do Timmy have fun, CIC out."

The four boys headed to their Dragons, and they grabbed John and Logi as they walked by. They had covered about half the distance when a Purple Haired Imp (Okay AC Bright Violet Haired!) popped into sight. He casually dropped two backpacks at Timmy and Ricky's feet and then predictably disappeared.©© ("Thanks Str8mayb")

"Timmy asked;

"Why Dilly?"

Out of the thin air came the answer;


Timmy and Ricky picked up the backpacks and slung them over a shoulder, and then joined the rest of the group walking across the field.

"Cool, now you have a place to carry your 'Cinmon Crumbles, and Cook won't be mad at me!" Jonah chattered away like a magpie.

Of course, neither Ricky nor Timmy had any idea what Jonah was rambling on about. They just shook their heads and kept on walking.

Very soon, the moment of truth was upon them; the Draconisians calmly walked through the shields with Jonah and D'rryl pulling Timmy and Ricky through. Since those two were looking directly at Jonah and D'rryl, they didn't notice 'Goos' or Cris. However, their noses started twitching in anticipation of treats to come. While the two were sniffing the air, John retrieved their parcels from 'Goos' and handed them to Jonah.

With a parcel in each hand, Jonah spoke up as he handed one to Timmy and one to Ricky;

"These are 'Cinmon Crumbles baked just for you by Cook."

Neither Timmy nor Ricky were paying attention to Jonah as they were too busy opening their packages to get at their aromatic treasures.

"Yay! Snickerdoodles! Thank you, Jonah, and thank you, Cook, wherever you are. Replied Timmy with a mouthful of cookies!

Ricky didn't say a word as he was busy eating his share of mouthwatering cookies.

At the sound of Snickerdoodles, the group left behind began moving closer to where the other boys had disappeared. Shortly they heard something that made them break into a run.

After inhaling enough 'Cinmon Crumbles to feed a Clan, Timmy looked up and finally saw 'Goos' and Cris;

"Dragons, we get to ride Dragons, Ricky, we get to ride Dragons!"

Hearing the magic word Dragons, was when the remaining Clan Members broke into their run. By the time they reached where the others had disappeared they heard;

"And to all a Good Night!"©© ("Samuel Clement Moore &amp; Major Henry Livingston, Jr"). Oops wrong story, it is supposed to read

To Be Continued

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