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Christmas with Charlie 2017-2021

Christmas with Charlie ~ 2021

By Zarek A Dragon

Zarek A Dragon 

Charlie and Lucas had graduated from Southern Texas University, Charlie in Computer Programming and Lucas in Computer Drafting. They had bought a small 200-acre ranch in Mustang Ridge just outside Austin, Texas. Charlie's dad's company opened a new office in Austin, and Charlie was put in charge of it. Lucas did computer drafting at home, then he and Chuck, when Chuck wasn't in school, tended to the ranch. The property had a four-bedroom house, a barn and a stable. As a housewarming gift, Brice and Charlotte gave them three palominos, including tack.

Christmas was approaching and Lucas asked Chuck what he wanted this year. "I really don't know," Chuck replied. "I was adopted, then you and Dad got married. I can't think of anything else that I may want."

Lucas questioned, "What about new boots, jeans or maybe a winter jacket?"

"I wouldn't mind any of that stuff," Chuck assured, "but I can't think of anything I really want. I have all that I need."

Lucas gave Chuck a hug, "I'm glad you feel that way. Dad and I do have an idea of what may make you extremely happy, though."

"What?" Chuck asked. His eyes showed signs of curious excitement.

"You'll have to wait until Christmas to find out," Lucas laughed.

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This year, Charlie and Lucas didn't put any presents under the tree. They watched Chuck as he tried to fathom what was going on. "Daddy, Dad, it's almost Christmas and we don't have any presents under the tree yet."

"Well, you said that you had everything you wanted," Lucas chortled, "we thought maybe we would donate to the local group home… in your name, of course."

Chuck's eyes lit up, "Really!?! That's a great idea."

"We'll go Christmas morning and give gifts to the boys and girls, like we have been for the last three years," Charlie suggested. "Only difference is, we won't be going to the one where you were in Houston. No, the one in Austin will have to suffice."

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Christmas morning, Chuck ran downstairs. His heart sank as he saw no presents under the tree. "Dad, Daddy, Santa didn't leave anything this year!" he called out.

"What do you mean?" Lucas questioned.

"There are no presents under the tree," Chuck began to cry.

Charlie picked up a piece of paper from off the floor beside the fireplace.

Note from Santa

He read it out loud, "Dear Charlie, Lukey and Chuck." He laughed, "Santa calls you Lukey, too." Then he continued, "I'm sorry that I haven't left presents yet, but I am running behind schedule. I will drop yours off while you are at the orphanage. And it's signed Santa."

"WOW!!!" Chuck yelled, "Santa knows we plan to go to the orphanage.

"Well, yeah," Lucas interjected, "Santa sees you when you're sleeping, and he knows when you are awake. He probably saw us talking about it."

They loaded the car with presents and head for the orphanage. Once there, Chuck seemed distracted. "Are you alright?" Lucas asked.

"Yeah, but there are so many children here," Chuck replied. "I know what I want for Christmas."

"What's that?" Charlie inquired.

Chuck didn't hesitate, "One of these boys as a brother."

"Well, it's kind of late to get one of these boys," Lucas reminded him. "Perhaps, if you still feel that way, we can do it next year."

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Having handed out all the presents, they headed home. Chuck was anxious to see what Santa brought him, but he also thought about all those children at the orphanage. "I wish we could have brought a boy home for just today. I bet he would have liked that."

Opening the door, Chuck saw all the presents under the tree. He picked one up and read, "To Austin, from Santa. I think Santa made a big mistake. Who's Austin?"

Austin"Me," a young boy called out as he walked down the stairs. "I'm Austin, and I'm your new brother."

Chuck looked at Austin and then at Lucas and Charlie. "My brother?"

Charlie grinned, "Lukey and I thought you would like a younger brother close to your age to play with. He came from the Home we visited and had been staying with Grandpa Brice and Grandma Charlotte for the last two days."

"You knew I would want a brother from there," Chuck cried, hugging Lucas and then Charlie. "That's why you and Daddy smiled at each other when I said that was what I wanted."

"Speaking of Grandma Charlotte…" Lucas began.

Brice came from the kitchen and interrupted, "Charlotte said dinner was almost ready. She and Mary had been preparing something ever since you left."

Mark came downstairs, "Yeah, they wouldn't let Austin or me in the kitchen, so we had been playing together upstairs."

"Well, I think Austin completes our family," Charlie stated. Lucas nodded in agreement.

Chuck and Austin asked in unison, "Can we get a dog?"

"Okay, so maybe our family isn't quite complete," Lucas chuckled. "Maybe that will be Christmas next year."

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I hope you enjoy the story and that it draws you in, wanting more. If you have any suggestions or concerns, don’t hesitate to email me.  Thoughts and suggestions are always welcomed and may or may not be implemented. Concerns will be considered and addressed as much as possible, please contact me at Zarek A Dragon.  Please let me know that you read it on The Story Lovers' Website or whichever Fort Family Site.

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