A Touched Christmas ~ MD

A Touched Christmas


The story below may contain snow, dragons, Santa, and a few characters that have appeared throughout all of my stories! There might be a little holiday spirit, and there might be some love, but there will always be magic and new traditions! Sit back, and take a break, as the Universes collide in my very own Holiday Special! In no way, should you assume that these characters are a representation of anyone living or dead, nor should you try to use them for your own mischief without the permission of many people. (I am one of them, obviously.) So, without further ado, I hope you enjoy my gift to you!

Zyan stepped out into the cold air and pulled his jacket tighter around himself as he stared around himself in curiosity. A light snow was falling, and there was the edge of a massive pine forest nearly fifty-yards distant.

I could have sworn it was summertime a minute ago, the boy thought absently, not even realizing that he wasn't completely alone.

"What is this, Zyan?" Gavin asked in awe as he joined the younger boy.

Zyan jumped at the sound of the voice, but relaxed once he saw who it was.

"Hey, Gavin," Zyan greeted the older boy with a smile. "Weren't we just in my house?"

"Yeah," Kyan piped up from behind both of them. "And we didn't have coats, either."

Zyan and Gavin both turned to see Kyan standing there with Toby being held in his arms. The six-year-old was giggling happily as a light snowfall began to descend around the boys.

"This is weird," Zyan said as he furrowed his brow in confusion. He was about to say something else when a golden light appeared in front of them. At first, the light spun around, and around, until it began to contort and pulse before finally settling into a round mirror-like surface. Zyan just stared at the strange event in disbelief. "Well then."

"What is it?" Kyan asked curiously.

"It looks like a portal," Gavin suggested.

"Should we go through it?" Zyan asked as he glanced around at his family.

"Why would they bring us all the way out here, just to have us walk through a portal?" Gavin asked.

"I say we do it," Kyan said with an excited grin. He poked Toby in the stomach. "What about you, Toby?"

"Let's do it!" Toby agreed with a wide grin. He was almost bouncing in Kyan's arms.

"Fine, then," Zyan said as he turned back to the portal. "Let's go."

The four boys started walking towards the strange portal, the surface rippling like a pool of water. Zyan's heart was pounding in his chest as he stopped short of the portal. He was about to step into it, when a very familiar brown-haired boy stumbled out and fell into Zyan's arms. Zyan gasped in disbelief as the green eyes of the boy stared up at him in amazement.

"Arys?" Zyan asked.

"Zachary?" The brown-haired boy said in amazement. "What's going on?"

"I don't know, Arys," Zyan said, overflowing with different emotions as he held the missing boy in his arms. "Where have you been?"

"What are you talking about, Zachary?" Arys said in confusion. "It's only been a few days."

"It's been two years, Arys," Zyan told the boy. "You've been missing for two years."

Suddenly, a tiny boy with brown hair and brown eyes appeared in front of the portal. He was wearing a red-turtleneck sweater that had tiny Christmas decorations all over it, and it had flashing lights sticking out around the street that was sewn into the center. Above the tree, was the word 'NOEL' in large, flashing letters. Beneath the tree were stacks of presents, sewn with multiple different colors, creating a kaleidoscope of activity on the tiny boy's body.

"Hey, guys," the boy greeted them happily. "I'm Kyle."

Then, a strawberry-blond boy appeared beside Kyle.

"And I am Davie," the boy introduced himself.

"Hi, Davie!" Arys greeted the newcomer with a wide smile. "Are you responsible for this, too?"

"Not this time, Arys," Davie replied with a grin. "This was all Kyle's idea."

"What exactly is going on, Davie?" Arys demanded. "Don't we have enough going on?"

"This is different," Kyle said in response. "All of our stories are told in another Universe, and in that Universe, it is Christmas time. So, it's been decided that we're going to make sure that you guys get a great Christmas, this year."

"Oh," Arys said, humbled by the boy's explanation. "Sorry."

"Don't worry," Kyle said. "It's a little disorienting for everyone involved. We're still waiting on a few people to join us, but I think we can at least go inside."

"Inside, Kyle?" Zyan asked in confusion as he glanced around them and motioned to the snow-covered field, they were standing in. "There is no inside here."

Kyle giggled and motioned for the boys to look behind them where a large-sheet metal-covered pole barn now stood. "Does that work?"

"What the hell?" Zyan and Gavin both asked in disbelief. Toby giggled happily.

"That wasn't there before," Gavin muttered.

"No," Kyan said in agreement. "It, most definitely, was not there before."

"Go inside, guys," Davie suggested with a smile. "The fire is already going."

Kyan and Gavin headed towards the structure without question, Kyan still carrying Toby in his arms. Arys and Zyan both stayed back with Davie and Kyle.

"What happens when this is over?" Arys asked with narrowed eyes. "Do I get to see Zachary, again? What about my dad? I won't let him go back to the Monster!"

Zyan hugged Arys, tightly.

"Stop calling me Zachary!" He teased his friend. "That's not my name!"

Arys looked at Zyan in confusion.

"Harris," Davie said, drawing both of the boys' attention. "Go inside. You and Zyan have some catching up to do."

Evan Bentley stared at the portal curiously. The strange pool of liquid seemed to call to him as he watched the rippling surface. The other four members of his Coven stood behind him, except for Tatum, who always took a spot to Evan's right.

"We're not going to figure anything out, just staring at it, Evan," Tatum Bentley said, bluntly. His red eyes flashed with annoyance as a steady snow fell over the area. The fluffy white flakes were sticking to his black hair, but the cold didn't seem to bother any members of the group. Then, Tatum started walking towards the mysterious portal. The boy stopped and looked back at his family. "Last one through, has to clean up after Justin the next time that he has a tantrum!"

Then, Tatum jumped into the portal and vanished. Evan glanced back at the other members of his family. Jenna automatically filled Tatum's vacant spot.

"I can still feel him," she said with a shrug. "It must be safe."

"Let's go, then," Evan stated with a grin as he motioned for the rest of his family to follow him through the strange portal. A tingling sensation accompanied the strange liquid as it passed over the vampire's skin, making him giggle in surprise. Then, the vampire saw the massive pole barn standing in front of him as Tatum ran up with a smile on his face. "Tatum, what is this?"

"It's Christmas, Evan!"

"Evan!" Ethan said in surprise when he saw his older brother step through the doors of the large building. "It really is Christmas!"

Ethan darted across the room and threw himself into Evan's arms without a care. His hero was back! That was all that mattered to Ethan Bentley. He didn't even care that it wasn't but for one day, Ethan could look into the face of his brother. Evan smiled, his red eyes standing out against the pale white of his skin, the dark circles under his eyes making it look like he needed a nap.

"Merry Christmas, baby brother!" Evan said happily as he pulled Ethan back against his chest. He glanced around at his Coven and saw that none of them were reacting to the different humans in the room. What surprised him even more, was that the humans in the room didn't appear the slightest bit afraid of their new vampire companions. "This is, so weird. Aren't you even the slightest bit afraid?"

"No," Ethan said with a giggle. "The boy that brought me here, told me to tell everyone that you guys wouldn't even have the urge to hurt us, and that we didn't need to be afraid of you. Justin is here, already!"

"Really?" Evan asked. "That's awesome, Ethan! I'm glad that you guys get to spend some time together! He's been worried about you."

"Oh, that reminds me!" Ethan said with wide-blue eyes as if he thought he might get in trouble for not doing something. The dark-haired boy giggled and quickly ran over to where a massive pine tree, thick with different decorations, had been set-up next to a large flat-screen television. "Can I have everybody's attention, please?"

The conversation in the room died down as everyone turned to look at Ethan. The boy smiled at the gathered crowd.

"Kyle and Davie wanted me to tell everyone that there are only two rules, for today!" Ethan said loudly. "First, you're not permitted to discuss details of your stories! Davie said that it's only to keep the author from completely losing his mind!"

"Too late!" Toby shouted from the back.

Ethan giggled as he agreed with the tiny boy. He was about to continue when there was a loud "Roar" from outside that shook the entire building. The ground-shaking roar startled the inhabitants of the building until it was followed by the sound of bells filling the air. All of the children smiled excitedly as another merry sound echoed around them.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" The jolly voice sounded, making each of the children jump to their feet, and start running towards the doors as they slid open. "Merry Christmas!"

The sight outside was not what any of the children would expect, though, and it made several of them fall to their knees in the snow in laughter. A giant emerald green dragon was standing thirty yards from the pole barn, and the dragon was wearing a large Santa hat, and had a long white beard hanging beneath his chin. The dragon was covered in ropes of sleigh bells, and a tiny boy that was dressed as one of Santa's Elves was in the process of sliding down from the dragon's back. The boy was grinning and pointing towards the sky above, making everyone glance up in time to see a red sleigh being pulled by eight reindeer, circling in to land near the mighty dragon.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" Santa's voice rang out above the children just before the sleigh angled down towards the ground, the hooves of the reindeer kicking up the snow in a flurry as they brought the sleigh to a halt. Santa stood, waving to everyone as the boy dressed like an elf helped him down from the sleigh. "Merry Christmas!"

"Is that really Santa?" Toby asked in disbelief as he walked up next to Evan and slid his hand into the vampires without a worry. "Is he really here?"

Evan Bentley smiled down at the little brown-haired boy that was looking up at him with a dubious expression on his face. "I think it is, little one," he told the child. Then, Evan picked the boy up, and held him so he could see the red-suited man, better.

"Thank you," Toby said with a light smile. "I'm Toby."

"I'm Evan," the vampire replied with a grin. Then, Evan pointed towards the sleigh, where Santa was busy pulling open his giant-red velvet sack, filled to the brim with presents. "Should we go help?"

"Are you strong enough?" Toby asked, suspiciously. "It looks heavy!"

"I might need your help, Toby," Evan said as he started walking towards the sleigh, still carrying Toby. The boy that was dressed like an elf came running up to meet them.

"Hi! I'm Myka!" The hazel-eyed boy greeted them excitedly. "Merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas, Myka!" Toby replied with the same amount of excitement that the brown-haired boy in front of us displayed. "Is that a real dragon?"

"Absolutely!" Myka replied gleefully. "He's my dragon! His name is Bylanth!"

"What does he eat?" Toby asked in a nervous whisper.

"Only bad people!" Myka said firmly. "He would never harm a child like us! Plus, he wouldn't do anything on Christmas, anyway! Do you want to meet him, Toby?"

"Are you sure that it's safe?" Toby asked quietly.

Myka nodded and held his hand out for Toby.

"Come with me, Toby," the boy dressed as an elf said with a wide smile. "I'll introduce you to Santa, too!"

Toby crowed with joy as he climbed down from Evan's arms and took Myka's hand in his own. Evan watched as Myka and Toby ran over to where the green dragon was sitting in the snow, his wings tucked to his back as the magnificent creature watched everyone around him. Evan smiled as Tatum joined him, and they went to go help Santa with his bag of gifts.

"Merry Christmas, Santa!" Tatum greeted the jolly man, enthusiastically.

"Merry Christmas, Tatum Bentley!" The man replied joyfully. "Are you two fine gentlemen the help that Kyle said that I would receive?"

"I believe that we are, Santa," Evan replied with a grin. He was beginning to like the mysterious Kyle person that kept popping in and out from existence in the blink of an eye, and Evan couldn't wait to finally meet him. "Come on, Tatum. It'll be easier if we each take a side."

Tatum agreed with Evan, and soon, the two vampires were carrying the overflowing sack towards the pole barn, while more, and more children were beginning to gather around the large dragon named Bylanth. Tatum and Evan carried the bag straight into the pole barn and set it next to the large armchair that was sitting next to a large fireplace, opposite the tall Christmas Tree.

"Thank you, boys! That's perfect," Santa said, as he took a seat in the green-velvet chair. He sighed with pleasure. "Ahh! This is more comfortable than the sleigh!"

"Glad we could help, Santa!" Tatum said with a smile. "Would you like me to get you some hot chocolate?"

"That would be amazing, Tatum! I would love some hot chocolate!"

Evan made sure that Santa was situated in his chair while Tatum went to find some hot chocolate.

Meanwhile, outside, Bylanth was busily entertaining the crowd of children that had gathered around him and had started clambering over him. The dragon, nor his Rider, seemed to mind the attention, even as Toby climbed up until he was sitting directly on the dragon's head with the four-year-old Elliot Baker sitting in front of him, holding onto the giant Santa hat, for dear life. Both of the boys were giggling excitedly as everyone pointed and joked with them about what they were doing. Bylanth, for the most part, was moving his head slowly, to help the boys from losing their balance, not knowing that they were being watched over by several witches, as well as vampires. Only Dougie thought to ask the dragon's permission to sit on the creature's back.

"Excuse me, Mister Bylanth," the nineteen-year-old vampire said humbly as he stood in front of the massive beast. "I know that I'm not a child, press, but I was hoping you wouldn't mind if I sat on your back for a moment. I promise that I won't do anything. . ."

The vampire's question was brought up short when the dragon huffed with laughter, and slowly brought his head down to where his massive eyeball was focused on the pale-dusty haired boy in front of him. Slowly, to not disturb the two boys sitting on him, Bylanth bumped Dougie with his nose, signaling his approval. Dougie didn't hesitate, and quickly tensed his legs to jump. A moment later, he was making himself a seat on the Bylanth's back, just above the creature's shoulders. Bylanth turned his head back and nodded towards the vampire, huffing with draconic laughter when he saw the young man smiling like a little kid that had just got his ultimate wish in life. Elliot and Toby both giggled happily as they held onto the dragon's head.

Then, portals began to appear all round the pole barn, and streams of people began piling out, until the crowd gathered was over two-hundred different people. Charles Conner was one of those people as he stepped out onto the snow-filled clearing. He looked surprised for only a moment, before he laughed and shook his head. His wife, Melissa Conner, was walking beside him.

"I see that Kyle has outdone himself," Melissa said as she slipped her arm through her husband's and leaned her head on his shoulder. "Look at all of these happy people!"

"Remind me to give that boy ten dozen cookies," Charles said with a grin. He glanced back behind him where Harold and Vanek were staring around themselves in awe. "Let's go, guys! I'm sure that your son is already inside!"

"I believe that he is currently climbing onto the back of the dragon, over there," the Vulcan replied as he pointed in the direction of where the brown-haired boy was shimmying up the wide foreleg of the green creature.

"Should I be worried?" Harold asked with a grin.

"Not if this is Kyle Richardson's doing," Vanek responded.

"I believe that you are correct, T'hy'la," Harold said in agreement before he took the Vulcan's hand in his own. "Let's go inside, my love."

The four adults followed each other inside after checking to make sure that their own children were alright. Melissa and Harold both gasped in surprise at the multiple decorations filling the inside of the pole barn. The rafters, high above, were wrapped in garland and white twinkling lights, missile toe hanging every four rafters, and the adults could see several boys already taking advantage of the tradition.


"Charles?" Melissa turned back to see her husband glancing at her mischievously. The man pointed up with a single finger, and Melissa glanced up to see the mistletoe hanging over the couple. Melissa grinned at her husband before she kissed him deeply. The sound of boyish laughter filled the air, and the couple turned to see Alexander and Enon pointing and giggling at them. "Do you want to get them, or should I?"

"I think that it's my turn, love," Charles replied smugly. He gave his wife another quick kiss. "If you'll excuse me, love."

Melissa laughed as she watched her husband chase the giggling boys around the pole barn. He managed to catch Enon, and that brought Alexander back to defend his new brother. This of course, encouraged more boys to join in the fun, and soon, Charles found himself being buried beneath ten preteens that were busily trying to save their friends. Melissa turned and watched the different groups of children and adults interacting with each other, and she couldn't help but smile at the people that were brought together to celebrate the holiday. A line of children was standing, patiently waiting for their chance to sit on Santa's lap, as more and more people began to gather in the barn.

Christmas Carols were playing in the air, and several groups had broken off to start playing different games around the inside of the barn. The steady flow of conversation filled the air with a buzzing noise, and there were still the sounds of the sleigh bells as the dragon outside was still entertaining children. Ethan Bentley ran up to the front of the room, as Myka, dressed as an elf, joined him by his side. Myka had a blond-haired boy firmly attached to his side, that was eyeing everyone, nervously. Ethan held up his hand, and Melissa was surprised to see the room fall silent.

"Hi everyone," the fourteen-year-old called out. "I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for coming, today! Kyle and Davie should be back at any mom-."

The boy fell silent as two figures suddenly appeared beside him. The tiny form of Kyle Richardson was now dressed as one of Santa's Elves, and Davie was in full-angel attire as he stood next to where Santa was seated.

"Never mind," Ethan said with a giggle. "Tatum and Evan have finished spreading the presents out beneath the tree, so now, it's time for everyone to gather close, and listen for Santa to call your name!"

The next hour was filled with Santa handing out presents to everyone in attendance. Even the adults were given presents from Santa, even though Melissa had her suspicions that a certain Mikyvis was the one responsible for everything. Melissa unwrapped a tiny box, revealing a gold necklace inside with a tiny golden angel hanging from it. The woman smiled happily and was about to find someone to put it on for her when Kyle Richardson appeared in front of her.

"I can help you, Momma Melissa," the boy said with a shy blush.

"I would love the help, little one," Melissa replied quickly, and knelt in front of the child. Kyle made quick work of fastening the clasp on the necklace, and was about to step away from Melissa, when she spun around and scooped the boy into her arms. Kyle laughed merrily as Melissa kissed him in on his cheek. "So, am I right? Is all of this," she motioned to the other people, "because of you?"

Kyle grinned as a halo appeared over his elf hat. "I have no idea what you're talking about, Momma M."

Melissa was about to say something else, when the boy suddenly vanished from her arms. The woman smiled and shook her head in disbelief before she went to find her husband.

Charles Conner made himself useful by helping the group of kids in the kitchen, by loading plates with different types of foods. Then, the loaded plates were placed onto trays that were hovering near the door, a boy dressed as an elf standing with each tray. Alexander, Melissa's little brother, was filling mugs with hot chocolate, while the little boy known as Enon, was helping him by emptying a can of whipped cream on top of them. Both boys were smiling and talking quietly with each other, while they worked. Charles couldn't help but smile as he watched his small family. Melissa slid up beside her husband as he continued to work.

"Hey, love," Melissa said, sweetly, as she kissed Charles on his cheek.

"Hey, babe!" Charles responded with a grin.

"What are you guys up to?" Melissa asked.

"Enon and Alex saw the other boys back here, taking turns," Charles explained. "So, they asked if they could volunteer, as well."

"And you?"

"I couldn't, very well, let the boys do all of the work, Melissa," Charles said smugly. "It's Christmas! Every single one of these boys here, should be out there," Charles pointed towards the door, "enjoying time with Santa. This holiday has always been mostly for the kids, anyway."

"You had better not take any of these kids home with us, Charles!" Melissa said pointedly. "At least, wait until we get back to our own Universe before you start collecting children, again!"

"That's up to him!" Charles said, as he motioned towards the man behind the keyboard. "He's the one in charge!"

"I'm not going to do anything," I told the couple before reminding them of the time. "You should go spend some time with your families, though. Christmas is almost over, here, and it is still a way away in your own Universes."

"Gotcha," Charles said with a smile, before he turned to face the two boys, and put his arm around Melissa's waist. "Let's go, guys! It's time to eat."

Enon and Alexander both smiled, happily at each other, before they followed Charles and Melissa out to where several long tables had been set up. Each placing had a covered dish, with a small-eloquently wrapped box sitting on the table behind each plate. Melissa and Charles only separated when they reached the table, so the boys could sit between the husband and wife.

Finally, after the gifts had been given, the meal had been enjoyed, and the last of the carols had been sung, Myka Carter, Ethan Bentley, Harris Conner, and Kyle Richardson, each made their way to the front of the room, next to where Santa was sitting. Each of the boys was smiling, happily, as Santa stood from his seat, and placed one of his hands-on Kyle's shoulder.

"Thank you, everyone!" Santa said with a wide grin. "Today, has been a joyful holiday for me, and I hope that every person here has found a reason to smile! I also, need to thank Kyle Richardson and Davie Owens, for bringing all of us here to celebrate together! Without them, many of us would have never met, and I hope that you return to your homes, having made new friends."

Everyone began applauding as the two boys blushed in embarrassment.

"Merry Christmas, boys," Santa said as he handed each boy a gift.

"Thank you, Santa!" Kyle and Davie both said in unison before both boys opened their gifts. Each boy was given a necklace on it, that had silver angels hanging from both of them. Kyle and Davie each hugged the man before they returned to their places. Santa cleared his throat before he continued.

"Now, it's time for me to return to the North Pole, so I can begin preparing for next Christmas!" Santa told everyone with a hearty laugh. "I'm afraid, that means Myka and Nikolai are going to be leaving, as well. Myka's dragon, Bylanth, is my guardian for this special journey!"

"You'll be safe with him!" Toby called out from his mother's arms.

"That's why, I think that I am going to hire him for next year, as well!" Santa replied with a deep-rolling laugh. Then, Santa smiled, and touched the side of his nose. He instantly, turned into a golden stream of dust that twisted towards the ceiling, before it dipped down, and slipped out one of the open windows. All of the children gasped in surprise, while all of the adults, except for Charles who was smiling like a ten-year-old, were staring on, completely dumbfounded.

The group of children, followed by the adults, quickly ran outside just as the golden dust, materialized into the form of Santa Claus as he climbed into his sleigh. He waved happily at everyone, before he grabbed up the reins of the sleigh, and urged his reindeer forward with a click of his tongue. Myka and Nikolai, ran hand in hand to where Bylanth was crouched, and waiting for them. The two boys quickly climbed up onto the green dragon's back and waved to everyone.

"Merry Christmas!" The two boys shouted as Bylanth got a running start and leapt into the air. Santa's sleigh took off right beside the two boys, the man still waving at the children and adults.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!" Santa's voice echoed out above everyone. "Merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas, Santa!" Many of the children began to shout in return as they ran out further into the clearing to watch the holiday figure vanish from sight. "Merry Christmas!"

Then, Kyle appeared in front of the group.

"Okay, everyone," Kyle's voice carried out over the group gathered. "Unfortunately, it's time for me to take everybody home." There were several groans of disappointment as Kyle continued. "Before I do, though, I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Now, remember, when you go back home, it will be at the same moment that you left! So, don't freak out when you get home! Your presents will be waiting for you when you return, as well! I hope everyone got to enjoy the holiday!"

Then, Kyle waved as everyone disappeared in one quick flash. Davie appeared next to Kyle with a soft smile on his face. Kyle was staring at the pole barn as it slowly dissolved into drifting snow. When only the fully decorated Christmas Tree was the only thing remaining in the field, Kyle turned and smiled at Davie.

"What do you think, dude?"

"I think it's beautiful, Kyle."

Kyle turned his attention back to the tree with the same happy grin still spread on his lips. Then, Tyler suddenly appeared, a string of mistletoe dangling from his fingers above them, as he stood in front of Kyle with an expectant grin on his face. Kyle only hesitated briefly before he pressed his lips against Tyler's, each boy sighing happily.

"Merry Christmas, guys!" Davie said with a giggle as he vanished from sight.

Kyle and Tyler held each other tight as they smiled at each other. The two boys rubbed the tips of their noses together before, they too, vanished, leaving a lonely Christmas Tree, decorated with strings of lights and garland, standing alone in the snow-covered clearing.


The End


I know, it's not like my usual stuff, but I hope you all enjoyed it, very much! Merry Christmas, from me to you! 

-Myke D