Christmas with Charlie 2017-2020

Christmas with Charlie ~ 2019

By Zarek A Dragon

 Blue Dragon

When Lucas, Charlie and their families went to the orphanage to give out presents on Christmas in 2018, the matron introduced each child as they were given a gift. One boy really caught Charlie's eye. He whispered to Lucas as the boy approached.

"This is Chuck, he's almost at the age when adoption gets to be out of the question," the matron declared.

"Chuck? My name is Charlie, and this is Lukey. Really, his name is Lucas, but I get away with calling him Lukey."

"Chuck, would you like it if Charlie and I were your big brothers?"

"Can I call you Lukey?" the boy asked with a cheeky grin.

Lucas laughed, "Yeah, I think you can get away with it, too."

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Over the year, Charlie and Lucas had spent every weekend with Chuck. Whenever there was a break from school, Chuck stayed with them as well, especially holidays. More than once, Chuck joked that it would be cool if Charlie and Lucas adopted him. Lucas would return with a joke that Chuck wouldn't be allowed to call him Lukey anymore since he would be his dad. They never let on that they had been considering it, but they made sure he knew that they weren't ignoring him.

Once school let out for Christmas, Chuck was told to grab everything and take it with him. As he was packing, painters were setting up to paint his room. One of the painters jokingly asked what color he wanted. Chuck knew that all the rooms were painted ecru, so he knew his favorite color didn't matter, but he said, "Purple, it's my favorite color."

When Chuck arrived at Charlie's and Lucas' home, he noticed the room that he was using didn't have their computers in it anymore. It actually looked like a bedroom instead of an office with a bed. When he commented about it, Charlie explained, "You're going to be here for more than two weeks, so we thought you would like having a room to yourself and not have one of us come in to use our computers."

"That's cool. So, how many of the presents under the tree are for me?"

Lucas chuckled, "You may be thirteen, but you are a typical boy. I guess you'll find out on Christmas morning."

It was a week until Christmas and Chuck stared at the tree every day, trying to guess how many of the presents were his. Of course, the one that he really wanted wouldn't fit under the tree. Charlie and Lucas laughed every time they caught him looking.

Christmas Eve, Charlie's parents arrived with more presents. Chuck commented that the tags said "From Grandma and Grandpa."

"Well, as much as you are here, we like thinking of you as our grandson," Momma Charlotte told him. "You can open that one, now."

Chuck's PresentChuck opened the present to discover a purple western shirt with palomino horses on either side. Chuck loved it, and his face expressed that. "Was that something you wanted?"

"Don't get me wrong, Grandma Charlotte," Chuck began, "I love the shirt and all, but all I really want for Christmas is a family."

"Dear, you will always be a part of this family, as far as I am concerned. We love you."

"I know you do, and I love all of you."

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The next morning, Christmas morning, Charlie ran downstairs. More presents were under the tree, the new ones saying, "From Santa." Chuck couldn't believe his eyes, but as excited as he was, he just knew what he really wanted wasn't under the tree.

ChuckChuck grabbed a purple package that had his name on it. Lucas looked at him, "Before you open that, maybe you should open the door really quick."

Chuck opened up the door and saw an elderly looking man standing there. He was wearing a Santa suit and his beard looked very real. "S… S… Santa?" Chuck squeaked out.

"No, actually, my name is Kris Ringle, Kris K. Ringle."

"The judge?" Chuck was surprised.

"So, you've heard of me," the man smiled. "I am a friend of Papa Brice, and he thought my coming here would make you very happy."

Chuck wasn't sure how a man in a Santa suit could make him happy, but Charlie turned to him, "Now, go open that present."

Chuck opened the present and saw papers. He pulled them out and read them. "These are adoption papers. You really are going to adopt me?"

"They just need a judge's signature, and he needs to ask if you want this," Lucas explained.

Now, Chuck understood how the man could make him very happy, as he cried, "Oh yes, he doesn't have to ask, yes, I want this very much. I love you, Lukey… er, I mean Daddy. And you too, Dad." Judge Ringle didn't hesitate to sign the papers.

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I hope you enjoy the story and that it draws you in, wanting more. I will be writing one chapter a year for Christmas, so if you have any suggestions or concerns, don’t hesitate to email me.  Thoughts and suggestions are always welcomed and may or may not be implemented. Concerns will be considered and addressed as much as possible, please contact me at Zarek A Dragon.  Please let me know that you read it on The Story Lovers' Website.