Jonah's Letter to Santa

Jonah's Letter to Santa

As told to The Story Lover

Characters from The Haven and Dragon Earl Universes used with permission.


Dear Santa,

 Although I am on your good list (at least I hope that I am) and not your naughty list, please don't bring me any presents this year. I have all the presents that I need and I have a wonderful loving family. I even love my sisters, although they spend too much time in the bathroom when I really need to use it. Even when my Mommy and Daddy punish me because I did something I wasn't supposed to, or more often, didn't do something I was supposed to; I know that they still love me because I can see it in their eyes that it hurts them to punish me.

So Santa, my wish for Christmas this year is that you give my presents this year to a boy and a girl that really need them... Sorry, Santa, my sister Bethany just told me she wants to do the same thing. If you have any toys left over, the Children's Home just down the street can really, really use them. Bethany and I are going to wrap some of our old toys and take them to some of those kids on Christmas.

Santa, my second wish is that all of the mommies and daddies that are away from home keeping us safe can come home for Christmas. That will be the best present ever for those kids.



 P.S. I will have Hot Chocolate and Snickerdoodles for you anyway.


At the North Pole, the special red light next to Santa's phone started flashing. Santa Fred answered the phone and kept nodding his head while listening. "Thank You, Elf Neal, I will take care of everything," Santa then hung up the phone. 'Not on my watch is a good deserving kid going to go presentless!' Santa Fred thought and then he thought some more. Santa then reached over and pressed the intercom button and spoke loudly, "Elf Andreu get in my office immediately, wait no make it yesterday!"

Andreu arrived in Fred's office before Santa could let go of the intercom switch. "Yes, Santa what do you need to be done that you obviously wanted to be done yesterday?" Santa Fred explained to Andreu about the phone call that he had just received. "Now this is what I want you to do... and when you are done with all that, take Bartholomew and deliver all of the presents that Jonah and Bethany were supposed to get. Make sure that you deliver them while the family is at the Children's Home. If you can sneak some extra presents in with the presents that Jonah and Bethany to get, that would be awesome." Andreu stood there for a moment in shock and then asked Santa, "While I am at it do you want me to declare World Peace?" Santa replied, "Thanks, Andreu but I will take care of that myself."

Holly Separator

The very next day all of the newspapers in the world had the same headline:


World Peace Declared

Merry Christmas from Jonah

The End

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Author's Notes:

I was re-reading some old Christmas Stories after reading some of the depressing news of today's events when this story popped into my head. I stopped reading, sat down and wrote it. I hope that this Short Story convey's a portion of the real meaning of Christmas and not any of The Black Friday and Cyber Monday nonsense. If you can please donate toys and clothing to Christmas Toy Drive in your city or town.

Merry Christmas from The Story Lover.

East Coast Editor's Notes:

Hey, Uncle TSL, did I get a promotion? I was told Santa was going to be **censored**. Oh, well…

Great story!

Fred the Elf

Mid West Editor's Notes:

Thank you Fred The Elf. Nice to hear from you.

This is a very special story. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Midwest Editor's