A Day In The Life Of Matt

A Day In The Life Of Matt

Hi, I'm Matt, Matt Ress. My owner and I reside in a nice apartment on the 12th floor of a fourteen-floor apartment building in Houston, in the Montrose neighborhood. I've never seen all of the apartment, when I was carried in by two really burly moving men from the furniture delivery truck I only caught glimpses of the place, a section of the living room, a glimpse of the dining area off the open kitchen, and going down the hall to the master bedroom I caught about half a look at the hall bathroom and two other furnished bedrooms on the way to the master.

The two big muscle men laid me face up on the box spring gently, not just flopping me down, and once in position, they both mopped their brows, wiping their sweat off with patterned handkerchiefs from their back jeans pockets. I wouldn't have minded seeing more of those two guys, they really handled me well and from their banter back and forth they seemed like nice guys, and I was pleased that my owner had tipped them nicely before they left the room to leave our apartment. My owner then started to gather the freshly washed sheets and a mattress pad to dress me when his cell phone rang and he settled his plush butt down on me to take the call.

It was obviously someone he was expecting a call from as once the call was answered he laid back on me to talk to this other person, who he called "Honey" and "Love" several times during the call, setting up a time for them to meet at "Their" restaurant after Honey got out of work. After their conversation, which sounded like a prelude to not only dinner and a few drinks, but something about breaking me in also. I wasn't exactly sure what to make of that, but hey, I had picked up a few things standing for months in the stockroom of the mattress store I was purchased from. I'd heard salesmen talking, and the stock boys too, and sometimes two of them would do stuff to each other in there that certainly wasn't on their job descriptions, unless their boss was with them, then everyone seemed to have a good time and once two of the employees and their boss man laid me down on the floor and I'll tell you, it was a good thing I still had on that plastic wrapping, because those three did some very exciting things on top of me, and I guess they thought so too because within a half hour first one, and then the other two were releasing some of that cum stuff that human men produce and let flow from their dicks, one guy trying to hide his up another guy's ass while the other guy was trying to hide his in the middle guy's mouth.

The middle guy was the boss man and he didn't do too good a job of hiding all that cum and soon he was dripping it from both ends and he made the other two guys lick it off the plastic covering me. At least I was kept clean and soon they had put their clothes back on and I was stood up again and I saw them leave and they turned out the lights as they left to go home to their "little ladies".

My new owner dressed me when his phone call was over and then he went about getting ready for his date. He came out of his shower nude and boy, my new owner sure puts those other three guys to shame. He was younger, his body was well defined and muscular, and his dick thing was a lot bigger than those other guys. As he dressed I watched and boy this guy made me proud to be one of his possessions. He left our apartment to meet his Honey, who I assumed he would be bringing back so she could help him break me in. This would be my first time participating in human sex, I mean this was my first day out of that huge plastic condom I had been wrapped in ever since my creation. I was really looking forward to having my vibrating and massaging features used and I was almost giddy with anticipation.

From the bedside clock I knew it was only about nine when I heard my owner arrive back home and he was talking to someone else as he walked toward the master bedroom, and me. My innersprings stood to attention as I heard the other voice, it was as deep and masculine as my owner's voice. My new owner was going to break me in with another man, I wanted to turn on the vibrating feature for myself at this point, and I hadn't even seen this second guy. His voice was enough, but he entered behind my owner and I was stuffed, this guy was drop-dead handsome and as they sat on my edge I could tell he was a match for my owner. They appeared to be of the same build and they certainly spent enough time making out on me before the clothes started flying.

By the time they were both naked, I had had the pleasure of feeling all those muscles on both of them and there was that muscle they each had that the stock room guys called dicks or cocks and these two guys had some of the biggest I had ever experienced. They continued to make out, using their lips and hands to caress each other and soon my owner snapped to the fact I had features too and he pressed the button on my remote control and soon I was contributing and enjoying the same sensations I was passing on to them. They took turns doing those fucking and sucking things and from the sounds, they made they were enjoying themselves as much as I was. Every second was so pleasurable to me, I almost felt alive.

If it was possible I would have cried when the remote was hit again and I stopped vibrating, but that only let me hear what they were talking about and that too was making me so happy, if emotions could be attributed to me. They talked about their year long courtship, the love that they felt for each other, and that they wanted to stay exclusive to each other for the rest of their lives. My owner asked his Honey to marry him and the big guy was sniffling as he said "YES" and they were kissing again.

I could go on and tell you about them moving in together and making our apartment a home, a real home, including after a few months of taking online parenting courses, the addition of two of the cutest little boys I heard were six and seven years old. I'm proud to say that it was on me that my owners discussed all this and it was on me that those adorable little tykes would climb up on to wake their daddies in the mornings and all four would cuddle on me as they spoke about school, and play times, and what they would all do together on the weekends. It was on me that those cuties would sometimes take naps and their dads would come and wake them for dinner or for a special movie they had for them to watch, or a play date they were going to or a game to go play. It really did make me a true part of this family.

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