A Day In The Life Of An Inanimate Object: Through the Looking Glass

A Day In The Life Of An Inanimate Object: Through the Looking Glass

Through me, you longingly gaze out in the rain-soaked landscape. Your sight lost to the haze on the lush greenery. My existence is dedicated to protecting. A portal to the world in the safety of the home. Invisible until a reflexion is seen, or a stray ball is accidentally hurled toward me. I have witnessed the wait for the prideful arrival, the mystery lookout to the unknown knocking, the expectant wait for the loved one. I have witnessed surprise and joy, painful departures and triumphant returns. But behind my rain-soaked side, raindrops streaming, you have a different gaze, one of the lost. Lost to a future unsecured, to changes with no control, to a profound loss not spoken. I would like to shine a light on your heart, to show you what you want. To be a portal to your wished thoughts. But I can show only reality. The present fleeting, washed by time. The raindrops aren’t only on my side, they are on your cheeks too, streaming the pain away. I know this is the last time you will look through me, but I know someone else will replace you. You wait. And wait, and wait, hoping to the last moment, but knowing the end is sure. A call comes from outside, you see the beloved, rushing to meet one last time. Under the sky’s tears, you pour your soul out to your love, one last time before you are separated.

Now anger feeds the new out looker’s gaze, betrayal, secrecy, lies. They shouldn’t be doing this, this shouldn't be happening. You didn’t have the choice either and you are making what is best for your family. You knew it was hard on all of you. But this, under the rain, is betrayal. Now you see the signs, the innuendos, the half-truth spun to you. You couldn’t let this stand. You have to act, you have to stop this. Change is coming, but only on your terms. I can only show the truth, hopefully not deformed, not changed, has it is. The Angry one took off.

Now horror could be seen, frame by the side. But no one was outlooking, the only one who could have left them recently and now it came to a head. Outside, I couldn’t protect them and now, the red pain was also streaming with the sky’s tears.

And now there were none.

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