Jimmy's Christmas

Jimmy's Christmas

Jimmy looked out the window at all of the snow on the ground. He was sad because his Daddy had got laid off and didn't have any money. He got out of bed and walked out into the living room to see if Santa had came.

When he got there he saw three presents under the tree; one he had made in school for his Mommy and Daddy and two small boxes he had never seen before with his name on them. He turned to the window and softly said "Please God; I know Mommy says you are always listenin'. Please give Daddy a job; I know I ain't been too good but I promise to be better."

Jimmy turned away from the window; just missing a shooting star crossing the morning sky. He went into the kitchen and got himself a bowl of cereal. Once he finished breakfast, he followed his parents into the living room and took a seat on the couch to see what Santa had brung him.

Just as his Daddy was about to pass out the three presents, the doorbell rang. Jimmy was surprised to see that it was his Daddy's old boss Mr Jacobs.

Mr Jacobs smiled at Jimmy as he came into the room. "Hi Jimmy; I think Santa messed up last night. I found a couple of things under my tree that had your name on them."

Just then Jimmy's Mommy and Daddy came in the room carrying a bunch of bags and boxes. Jimmy's jaw dropped to the floor when his Daddy told him to wait because there were more. After two more trips, Mr Jacobs held up his hand. "John, I really am sorry about the layoff. I do have some good news for you though. As you know, we bought one of our competitors; that is what caused the layoffs on both sides due to duplicate positions. After looking over their operations, I've decided that we need someone I can trust to run their side of the business. I would like to make you Vice-President over their division if you'll accept."

Jimmy's Daddy smiled. "I would love to Mr Jacobs."

Jimmy ran over and wrapped his arms around Mr Jacobs' legs. "Thank you Mr Jacobs!" As he broke the hug, Jimmy looked out the window and said with a smile "Thank you God."

The End

Note from Cory:

Timmy told this one to me as I wrote it down. I helped him with some of the adult stuff, but the entire story idea is his. Great job munchkin!

Merry Christmas to all from the Short Family! Cory & Timmy

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