A Brother For Thanksgiving ~ JTF~C & TS

A Brother For Thanksgiving! ~ JTF~C & TS

Authors' Note:

 Unca Fred we sowwy that we had to mess wit your guidelines but 'Goos' said they weren't carved in stone anyways. We stayed within the lines as much as we could.

Your loving nephews Jonah & Timmy.

It had been a very quiet week in the Clan Compound, the majority of the Clan members that lived in the compound were either out on assignments or on Family Vacations. Even Ricky hard gone on a trip with Doc Austin and Cary as they hadn't had much time together with just the three of them in a long time. Ricky still had flashbacks to the old days; hopefully, this vacation would help him get over those. Now as to his cohort in all things mischievous Timmy, well let's just say that he has a few extra projects to do at Camp Little Eagle. The less said about the reasons for those extra projects the better. Even Sean was off on a Mini-Vacation, well, only Sean would think spending a few days with the Guardian of Forever, doing research on the history of some of the new Clan Members, and their brothers, and brothers, and did I mention brothers and vacation. Basically, all that was left in the Compound was Cory and a skeleton crew to manage the CIC. Timmy had been pretty depressed all week as he was really missing Ricky, this was one of the very few times that they had been separated since that fateful day that they had been joined at the hip. Even Billy Ray was elsewhere as he and his Boss/Partner in Crime Kyle Escobar aka The Angel of Hope, were together terrorizing corrupt Childrens' Homes somewhere. Ordinarily, Timmy would probably have joined Unca Kyle E. And Billy ray as usually, Kyle had his kids with him, however, the kids Unca Brat had taken them on a vacation as well. Cory had been spending as much time with Timmy as he could, but with everyone gone he had to spend a lot of time in the CIC and in his Mom, Teri's, Office.

So, today Cory decided to go into the kitchen with Helen and fix Timmy a very, very special after-school-snack. They were busy fixing a Toasted Coconut, Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge, Macadamia (oooooooooo) Nut, Banana Split, with Helen's Homemade Whipped Creams, Double Chocolate and Double Vanilla. First, they toasted the Fresh Coconut, then they rolled the three extra-large scoops of French Vanilla Ice Cream in the Toasted Coconut, so the scoops looked Deep Fried Ice Cream, then they arranged the Ice Cream in the Sundae Boat, added Dark Chocolate Covered Banana slices all around the Ice Cream. In fact, they used so many slices that you could barely see the Ice Cream Balls. They then sprinkled everything with Toasted Macadamia Nuts, and then drizzled the whole concoction with Helen's Homemade Dark Chocolate Hot Fudge. Helen then artistically topped everything with the Whipped Creams. She had a special pastry bag that had dual chambers, so she was able to put both Whipped Creams on at the same time. Just as they were getting ready to put the Sundae into the freezer to set everything up, Timmy came home.

"Hi Daddy, this is my new brother Ben."

Since all of the Clan Members including himself were always bringing new brother sons or daughters home Cory never batted an eye. That is until he turned and saw Timmy's 'New Brother'. When Cory saw Ben all he could say was "Timmyyyyyyyyyyy,"

The Sundae in his hand became a ceiling decoration. And as gravity is much stronger than Whipped Cream, Cory was soon wearing Timmy's snack.

"Ben, Unca Kyle E. Was right daddy's face would turn as red as one of your head feathers! Don't worry Daddy, Ben is house trained, and he said he would either sleep in my bathtub or my jacuzzi whichever was bigger."

To this day Cory is sedated and under Daddy Spock's care, when Antonio and Dr. Dan's Comms went off, they arrived within seconds, however, they weren't any help at all as they couldn't literally stop rolling on the floor in laughter. Here was the Patriarch of Clan Short and one of the most powerful people in all of the Universe and all its Multiverses, Timelines, and Dimensions covered in Ice Cream, and Whipped Cream standing there just pointing and saying,

"Uhhh it's a Dragon," over and over, like a skipping vinyl record.

This is what Cory saw:

Ben The Dragon PNG

The End!

Thank You for reading our story, we had a lot of fun writing it, Thank you also to Unca AC for letting me write with Timmy again, we have a lot of fun when we write, we don't get to see each other very much because Timmy is my twin from another universe. Unca TSL thank you for letting me write with Jonah he's kewl he feeds me lot of 'Cinmon Crumbles', we gotta go now we have to plan our Christmas Sory.

Please let us know if you liked our story you can to Jonah and Timmy.