Fill In The Blanks Family Secret

Fill In The Blanks Family Secret

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The day that John Q. Smith had dreaded and at the same time looked forward to was finally upon him. His first day as a freshman at the Greater Institute of Public Higher Education had arrived. He was as nervous as the proverbial long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. John was finally leaving the nest and doing something entirely on his own, there would be no one that he knew at his new school. John's first day at the Institute was going to be very busy as he had missed the New Student Orientation the previous week as there were still crops to bring in before he could escape the family farm in the small town of Erewhon. Thanks to the wonder of Al Gore's Internet Al Gore's Internet (" <a href=\"https:\/\/\/wiki\/Al_Gore\">Al Gore<\/a>&#160;is a former&#160;<a href=\"https:\/\/\/wiki\/United_States_Senator\">US Senator<\/a>&#160;who served as the&#160;<a href=\"https:\/\/\/wiki\/Vice_President_of_the_United_States\">Vice President of the United States<\/a>&#160;from 1993 to 2001, and is co-winner of the&#160;<a href=\"https:\/\/\/wiki\/2007_Nobel_Peace_Prize\">2007 Nobel Peace Prize<\/a>. In the 1980s and 1990s, he promoted legislation that funded an expansion of the&#160;<a href=\"https:\/\/\/wiki\/ARPANET\">ARPANET<\/a>, allowing greater public access, and helping to develop the&#160;<a href=\"https:\/\/\/wiki\/Internet\">Internet<\/a>. "), John had a map of the campus and directions to the main Administration Building.

John found his Advisor's Office easily and was directed to a small conference room just down the hall where a small group of new students was awaiting their Orientation. Sophia Smith no relation began the Orientation as soon as John was seated and even before, he could open his notebook to take notes. The Orientation took less than half an hour and Ms. Smith handed out a slew of pamphlets and assorted other printed material. She also gave them links to the Institute's IntraWeb, for all of the pertinent information that they would need in the ensuing weeks. The one thing that she forgot to mention was the quiz buried in those links. No quiz no grades, the Institute was a very sneaky place. Since John was a meticulous note taker, he was the last person out of the room and since he was looking at his timetable and map as he walked out the door, the inevitable occurred. Of course, John stepped out of the door turned and ran smack into two veritable hulks of the stud variety. John fell to the floor, timetable, maps, and notebook flying.  As he was being helped up from, the floor he was stunned, as he looked up into the brunet hair, hazel eyed face of his favourite cousin and then John passed out as he looked into the face of the blond-haired, sapphire-eyed quarterback of the Institute's Football Team.


John stood there for what seemed hours as he looked at the exquisite invitation that had been slid into his Gym Locker. With fumbling hands, he opened the invitation and nearly dropped it. He stood there in shock as he read the contents of the invitation, completely forgetting that he was nude, something he wasn't used to doing in public. The invitation was to a Halloween Party at the home of the same quarterback that he had run into his first day at the Institute. 'There is no way I am going to this party, I have no clothes and I don't know any of the people that will be there. On top of that, they will probably all be rich snobs like most of the students at the Institute.' John's thoughts were running way ahead of his reading and then he came to the kicker in the Invitation. 'No Regrets, your cousin will pick you up at 7:30 PM and drive you to the party. The dress is casual masks and costumes preferred!'

Sure enough, at 7:30 PM on the dot of the evening of the party John's cousin Aloysius P. Smith rang the doorbell of John's dorm room. Less than five minutes later the two cousins were on their way to the party. John's curiosity wasn't satisfied on the way to the party as his cousin deflected all of John's questions with tidbits of family matters. They arrived at the party and Aloysius introduce John to his host and then disappeared. The host whose name John could never remember gave John a tour of his house and introduced John to so many people that John's memory banks went into an overload state. The host finally left John in a room that had a few of John's classmates and said,

"Don't go anywhere, I will be right back."

John conversed a bit with some of his classmates, and also nibbled on some of the finger food from trays scattered around the room. The host returned with a dripping unopened can of a local cola for John and then they resume their tour. John awoke as the sun peeked through the window of his dorm room with no idea of how he got there. As he was getting out of bed John realized that he was still fully dressed, he staggered into the small half bath and looked into the mirror. John, let out a scream that could be heard on the moon as he realized that the clothes he was wearing weren't his. Just before he passed out he realized that the clothes belonged to . . .

All John could remember at that point was being driven to the party by his cousin Al and then re-meeting the host, Calvin, the hunky blond quarterback of the football team, that Al played receiver for. They were a very successful pair out on the field and John felt like an ass for not having watched where he was going, until Al and Calvin helped him to his feet, easy banter between the two studs filling in for John's embarrassed near silence. He remembered during high school, as a sophomore member of the school's football team, once playing against Calvin and his opposing team and losing to them, but not by much. After showering and dressing in street clothes John had gone to the local Sonic for a milkshake, the Sonic located at the border of the two towns, the one Calvin played for and John's hometown. They had spotted each other across the parking lot and soon met in the public restroom, where to congratulate Calvin for his victory, John had blown him in the one stall in there. Calvin was just about to reciprocate when a crowd of spectators came in to use the facilities and the two high school footballers had to exit, never getting a chance to even swap cell numbers, Calvin being dragged away by the guys he had ridden with.

John was left very disappointed and with blue balls to boot. He didn't know it, but Calvin and his family moved away from the area. and the state, that Sunday. Neither teen ever having the nerve to try another tryst again, until the night of the party. Once Calvin had brought John the can of soda they wandered from John's classmates and found themselves on a lawn glider, sitting shoulder to shoulder, talking about what might have been, and the fact that Calvin, the big muscular quarterback, owed John a blowjob, and he led John behind the garden shed and proceeded to do to John what he had been dreaming of doing for the past four years. As John was achieving a mind-blowing climax, Al came around the corner of the shed, scaring the crap out of the two and John, in mid-climax, fell backward against the shed and hit his head, knocking himself out.

Calvin and Al rushed to help him and realized he was out, but breathing and with a  bad cut where the back of his head had hit the shed. They quickly got John's still oozing dick tucked away and Calvin carried him to the house where he cornered a medical student to look over John to determine if stitches were called for and once he had looked at John's head it was determined that ice and some butterfly bandages would suffice, as long as he hadn't suffered a concussion. While Al held the ice pack to the wound the 4th year medical student and another of his classmates at the party determined that he might have a slight concussion and that they felt if someone stayed with John for the night to keep an eye on him he should be all right. It was not a question of who that would be, Calvin wasn't about to let the man of his dreams out of his sight again, he had just barely survived their four-year separation, and he was determined to be with John all night.

Al helped get John back to the dorm. He only seemed a bit drunk, which puzzled them, as John didn't drink, but the medical students told them that was the result of the concussion and if his condition worsened at all they were to get him to the emergency room ASAP. Al and Calvin took John to his room and Al went to the first floor to his own room, telling Calvin to call immediately if he thought John had to go to the hospital. Calvin looked at John and realized that he couldn't let him sleep in what he was now wearing, so he took off the gladiator costume John had on and replaced it with what he himself was wearing, a set of hospital scrubs he had borrowed from his roommate, one of the medical students.

Calvin made them both comfortable on John's bed, setting his cell phone to go off every hour so he could check on John, and John slept, a tad fitfully, dreaming he was in a hospital and this Doctor, who looked a lot like Calvin was doing some strange experiments on him. Like trying to see if his ejaculate came out as thick the third and fourth time as it did the first time he was stimulated to climax, and if the good Doctor's dick felt as good in John's ass the fourth time in as many hours, after the Doctor fucked his butt.

Thus, the reaction when John woke in the morning before the hourly alarm had roused Calvin, and John entered the bathroom and saw himself in the bathroom mirror, wearing that dream Doctor's scrubs. At least that's what John and Calvin told their twin sons just before they left for home, leaving the twins at the same dorm room John had been assigned when he was living in the dorm, the same dorm room John and Calvin had just helped their sons move into.


The End

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