Allie & Timmy's Magical Christmas

Allie & Timmy's Magical Christmas

Allie & Timmy's Magical Christmas

By Timmy Short (as told to The Story Lover and ACFan)

© 2009 - The Story Lover Productions and CSUProductions.


Although this story is set in the Clan Short Universe it is not a CSU Story and is not CANON. The activities and actions in this story have no bearing on any other CSU Story, Past, Present or Future. This story may not be quoted or referenced in any CSU Story.

'Twas several days before Christmas, and all through the compound the tribe was a-stirring. Timmy and his ever present shadow Ricky were walking through the visitors quarters on their way to the kitchen, when they heard one of the rescuees sobbing quietly. Timmy and Ricky stopped outside the partly open door and listened.

"All I want for Christmas is my blanky." The child within, who, they later would find out, was only four, repeated these words over and over.

Timmy and Ricky knocked on the door, and the shy young voice asked, "Who are you?"

The two soul mates replied in unison, "Timmy Short and Ricky Michaels, and we just wanna say hi."

"Timmy..................!" shrieked the little boy, as he flung open the door and nearly knocked Timmy over. Timmy was very lucky that Ricky was behind him and was just barely able to stop him from falling over.

"I am glad to see you, too," Timmy gasped out, as he was being hugged to death.

There was a commotion down the hallway and around the corner, and soon the reason why became apparent. Flying around the corner, screeching at Allie, who was just becoming visible, was William and Duke. Upon seeing what was causing Timmy's distress, William decided to join the fun, landed on Timmy's head and knocked all three boys to the ground. William then began preening both Timmy and his new friend's hair. Meanwhile Allie was just swinging her head back and forth in alligator laughter while Duke let out a squawk of disgust and flew back the way he had come.

While William and Timmy were in close contact with the youngster, they were able to pick up the fact that the boy really wanted his 'blanky' and actually needed it. The gears in Gizmo's brain started turning and Ricky and William agreed.

'Wicky, do you wanna?' Timmy sent to his soulmate.

The response was quick and as expected;

'We gotta, we gotta help him.' Was Ricky's fervent response.

'Get Ian, he can hep this boy, too,' Timmy sent to Ricky.

Ricky quickly pulled his brand spanking new Clan Communicator from his belt where it was hanging like a six shooter. Forgetting that he could have used Ark as well :).

Happy that they were now considered 'Big Boys,' since they had communicators Ricky deepened his voice as much as he could.

"Ricky Michaels to CIC, Ricky Michaels to CIC, Over?"

"This is Justy in CIC, go ahead Ricky."

"Uncle Justy please send Ian to me an' Timmy, we need his help. Copy?"

Ark hearing Ricky's request and deciding that it was payback time, pulled a Kyle and transported Ian directly. Unfortunately, Ian was in the middle of drying off from his shower.

"What the..............? Uh Hi Timmy, and friend...." Ian managed to sputter out.

< Call me she again and see what happens. > Ark replied with a tone that suspiciously sounded like a smirk. Ark then relented and transported a jumpsuit for Ian.

"CIC to Ricky Michaels, ahh we have an issu........... Oh wait he is there already??? Copy?"

"Unca Justy, it be okay; Ark did it for you;" and then in a conspiratorial whisper. "Ark isn't happy. Michaels out."

"Unca Ian, can you help Timmy and me with our new friend Anthony; he is like you?" Ricky asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Of course, Munchkin, can you introduce me to your friend, if William will quit preening him and you help him and Timmy up," Ian responded while ruffling Ricky's hair.

Upon hearing his name William looked up and gave and Eagle glare to Ian, who just laughed. Ricky helped Timmy and Anthony up and then Ian knelt down and extended his hand.

Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Ian began talking softly to Anthony.

"Nice to meet you, Anthony, my name is Ian and I am Timmy and Ricky's Uncle and I hope I can help you with your problems, or just be your friend, like my crazy nephews...."

"Unca Ian, you not nice; we not cwazy!" was the stereophonic answer.

Several minutes later, Ricky and Timmy left Ian with Anthony, satisfied that Anthony was in good hands. While Allie was giving the two boys a ride back to the Rec Room, William flew off to find Duke. At least that is what they thought.

'Timmy, how many other kids need help with Christmas, and can we help them?' Allie asked her two friends.

Timmy and Ricky looked at each other and then shrugged theirs shoulders.

'We don't know, Allie, but we can find out.' Timmy replied to their reptilian friend.

Timmy then sent to both Allie and Ricky; 'Meeting of the Tribe in a hour.'

The three friends separated and went to spread the word. Timmy had decided to have the meeting in the Music Studio, cause it was empty at that time of the day. Timmy decided to ask SamSam for the UT's help.

"Unca Sammy, can Danny, Kevin and Randy help our Tribe?"

"Why do you need them and how can they help you?" A curious Sammy asked Timmy.

"It's a secret, Unca SamSam, but it be a good thing." Timmy answered Sammy with the requisite Puppy Dog Eyes and the slightly pouting lips.

"Timmy, those guys are my brothers and I don't want anything to happen to them. Specially since they have gone through a lot of bad stuff," Sammy responded, slightly concerned.

"Can I whisper it into your ears, then, cause it be weally impotant and secret.?" Timmy asked his young Uncle.

"Okay, Munchkin, but this better be good," Sammy answered and then knelt down so Timmy could whisper his request.

Once Timmy started whispering Sammy realized how important what Timmy wanted to do was for the mental well being of the remaining rescued kids.

Once Timmy was finished, Sammy gave him a big hug and then told Timmy;

"You have a heart of gold, Gizmo and I am sure the Trinity will want to help you. I will send them to your meeting and I will watch your back. But promise me none of the Tribe leaves the compound without an escort...... I don't care if you have Red, you don't want your Dad's to worry. Do you?"

The meeting of the 'Tribe' was held within the hour and it was a rousing success. The strange thing was when Timmy and Ricky explained what they had heard; they found out that almost everyone had experienced similar situations.

"Guys, Allie just came up with a wonderful idea and I think we should do it. She says we should go visit all of the wemaining kids we rescued and find out what they really want for Christmas. Not the toys and stuff, but what they need to feel good. All we have to do is give lots of hugs and listen. We can listen with tele patic or whatever but no pwobing. Anybody wanna help?"

Timmy's question brought about an immediate and very vocal response that brought a few of the older clan brothers running to see what the noise was. As soon as the big boys showed up, the room went silent.

Ricky stated as strongly as he could;

"This is a Twibe Meeting and you ain't Twibe; if we need you we find you, bye."

Just about that time, Sammy arrived and closed the door giving the Tribe and Rugrats their privacy again. Sammy explained what he could to clarify the issue.

It seemed that every member of the Tribe and the Rugrats wanted to help and soon they had everything sorted out. They split themselves into teams and planned their attacks. Ark intercepted a comment form Timmy about notes and soon a pile of child size PADD's appeared with the appropriate names on them.

The next several days were very interesting around the compound, with the Tribe and Rugrats scurrying around like a family of mice. The second day after the meeting, Timmy came to get some snacks for his team and found Tommy in the kitchen baking some very special out of this world cookies.

"Unca Tommy, can I have some cookies and milk for me and some of my fwiends?"

"Not a problem, Timmy, since you asked so nicely." Something about Timmy's request caused Tommy to use his "Starfleet" voice rather than his usual drawl. Tommy also realized that Timmy and some of his friends hadn't spent a lot of time at the Lunch or Dinner Table lately.

"I'll help you carry your snacks, Timmy, and I will also bring you some bananas and apples, Okay?"

"Tanks Unca Tommy, but you gotta pinky swear not to tell anything you hear we be on a secwet pwoject." Was Timmy's slightly non exuberant answer.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Was Tommy's surprised response.

Timmy then motioned Tommy to lean down and began whispering into Tommy's ear.

"Gotcha covered, bud, but your Uncle SamSam is right, so promise me you guys won't leave the compound without one of us big guys or some of Uncle JJ's Security Team."

"Okay, Unca Tommy." Timmy then gave Tommy a big hug.

Whenever anyone asked any of the youngsters what was going on, the only answer they got was;

"It's a secret!"

Somehow Cory and Sean had found out that Tommy and Sammy might know a little bit more than most, asked them to stay behind after breakfast on Christmas Eve and tried to get to the bottom of things. All they got is the answer that everything was under control.

< Cory, I am keeping an eye on all of them and if you bothered to use your brain cell, you would know that all of your security teams are doing the same thing. >

Sean answered, cause Cory was sitting there with his jaw on the floor, stunned.

"Thanks Ark, and Cory will say thanks once he recovers." Was Sean's smirking reply.

One other slightly strange thing was occurring, well actually two, and they were connected, but no one realized that. Josiah was popping in and out and the Tribe and Rugrats were zipping in and out of everywhere, picking up "garbage" sometimes even before the item became garbage.

There was something else that was really strange, one of the corners of the 'Wreck Room' was curtained off and there was a big sign in crayon "Keep Out Or Else," in very big letters and then in smaller letters "Santa's Watching". Rugrats and Tribe members were constantly going in and out of the closed off area, always with something hidden in their arms. Surprisingly, no one tried to find out what was behind the curtain. Or maybe not so surprisingly, after Helen caught Clint trying to peek and told him in no uncertain terms that anyone who peeked would be on "Bread and Water". Hmm Kids and food, I wonder.

Christmas morning finally rolled around and that is when things got really, really strange. Whenever a Clan Member tried to leave their room, they found there door guarded by one of their sons or nephews. They were all told politely that they had to wait until "everyone was awake and then they would be escorted to the 'Wreck Room'. The kids sweetened the deal with Home Made Cinnamon Rolls, Hot Chocolate or Coffee. All of the older kids and adults had to wait until all the rescued children were awake and had been escorted by Allie, Rusty, Duke or William; into the 'Wreck Room' and given prime seats in front of the curtained off corner. Timmy and Ricky were standing in front of the curtained off area on a small raised dias; which looked suspiciously like a footstool wrapped in Christmas Wrapping Paper.

Sean and Cory were escorted by CD & Pauly and a few of Timmy's, Animal Friends. Teri was escorted by Harley, at his own request. Sean, Cory, Teri, Dan and John were given choice seats directly behind the rescued children. Once everyone had either found a place to sit or stand, Timmy began to speak.

"Mewwy Christmas, Everyone."

"Merry Christmas, Timmy," echoed back from all of those who knew Timmy.

Suddenly the air was rent by two loud screeches that may have been "Merry Christmas" in Eagle. And shortly thereafter, Timmy and Ricky's hair were being groomed by William and Duke. Of course that scene brought giggles and laughter until Ian took control.

"Duke, William, behave; Timmy is trying to talk to us! Now get over here!" Ian commanded the two mischievous eagles.

To say that most of the folks in attendance were stunned would be a great understatement. Very few people even knew who Ian was; and those who did, knew him as a fairly quiet and well mannered kid. But there was an even bigger shock to come. With what could only be described as sheepish looks; both Duke and William squawked what could only be an apology and then they both flew over to Ian. Even Ian's parents Robin and Kayla were stunned, and they knew how good of friends Ian was with the two eagles.

As soon as the two now quiet eagles were perched one on Ian's shoulder and one on the seat of his chair Timmy began to speak again.

"The Tribe and Rugrats found a pwoblem and we decided to fix it. Granma Teri and the other adults as well as our Daddies and all of our Uncles were going to buy us lots of Christmas Pwesents. We were going to help the Clan get pwesents for all of our new friends we wescued.... but not what they weally needed. So...." Timmy started to tear up and couldn't speak, so Ricky took over.

"We heard a little kid crying for his 'Blanky' so we hugged him and then we listened to a few more kids. Allie then found us and told us that there were lots of kids who were wescued that needed more than toys to heal... Ah heal their bwains... well you know what we mean." Timmy leaned over and gave Ricky a kiss on the cheek and took over the story.

"The Tribe and the Rugrats had a meeting and we planted, planned "Operation Blanky' we made teams and we spread out and we listened and hugged until we knew what every wescued kid weally needed for Christmas. We used our Tele pat thing but we never pwobed we only listened while hugging. We had Uncle Josiah help us a lot, to make the things we needed outa all our garbage and stuffs. Ark?" Timmy queried the air.

< Yes Timmy? >

"It is time." As the word time rolled off Timmy's lips the curtains vanished with the sound of trumpets. In the corner, now visible, was a majestic White Fir Christmas Tree, nearly buried by what seemed to be thousands of presents. But wait there is more, the tree seemed to be dusted by real snow and was wrapped with garlands of Holly intermixed with what appeared to be miniature candles. The tree looked like it was topped by the usual angel but if you looked real close the angel was St. Mikey.

The silence in the room was awe inspiring in itself. The rescued kids were shocked into silence, because someone really cared for them and the Clan and Adults were shocked because not only did their youngest see a problem that they didn't; they solved it. Timmy broke the silence,

"Unca Sammy and Unca Tommy can you help us we cant pwonounce all of the names?"

Needless to say, Sammy and Tommy were more than glad to be of help and soon were calling out the names of the rescued kids right along with Timmy and Ricky. Some of the Tribe and Rugrats were busy handing out presents to those kids they knew. Soon the room was full of joyously sad children for their presents weren't just any old toys or things. Every child got for Christmas exactly what they wanted and needed most; their old torn up bedraggled 'Blanky', Teddy Bears with only one ear and so on. Those kids who had lost everything, their parents and their homes, received pictures of their lost family in what seemed to be Digital Picture Frames but they weren't, they were actually miniature Stasis Boxes as well. Justy had come through for Timmy and Ricky with a little bit of help from Uncle Jim. Once the majority of the kids had realized what their presents were, they were hugging any Tribe or Rugrat Member they could find.

Many minutes later, Timmy and Ricky were finally able to regain their 'stage' and Timmy tried to speak but the joyous noise was too much for him to be heard.

Suddenly dual high decibel screeches rent the air and a stunned silence overtook the room.

"Everyone, we still have one more surprise and then we can open the rest of our presents and eat some of Grandma Helen's and Tommy's yummy food." Before anyone could question Timmy, Ricky took over.

"Ark, transport now!" The largest mass transportation in the history of the galaxy commenced. Before Ricky had finished saying "Now" everyone in the 'Wreck Room' found themselves outside in front of a large covered object at the entrance to Camp Little Eagle with William and Duke perched on top.

"This Christmas Pwesent is from The Tribe to my Daddies and Clan Short." Timmy then whistled a few words in Eagle and Duke and William began easily lifting the cover off the object. While they were lifting the cover off, Ricky spoke again.

"We had a lot of help with this pwesent from Unca Eli and Unca Benji they drew the plans and then helped Unca Josiah make it perfect. We also had help from a very special friend from far away." As Ricky finished speaking, the object was revealed and it was a majestically beautiful gate with the words 'Welcome to Camp Little Eagle' across the top of the arch. Suddenly an orange glow hid the arch and then as quickly as it appeared, it disappeared, leaving new words appearing in the air just below the arch. The new words said 'Abandon Despair, all who enter here, for only Love, Hope and Caring exist beyond this gate!' Beautiful words for a wonderful place, fitting words you might say, but then the murmuring and questioning began. Why the questions? Well, the answer is complex and simple at the same time. The Vulcan's in the crowd saw Vulcan Text, The Andorian's, Andorian Text and so on. Everyone saw the words in their native speech.

If anyone had bothered to look westward, they would have seen a ghostly orange shape winging off into the sunset.

The End Finally :)

Editor's Notes: Thank you Timmy and Allie, for a very moving and precious story. I am most impressed. I want to thank TSL for helping to transcribe some of the more difficult words. He has a very good vocabulary. It was really nice the way everyone involved took the initiative to help all the rescued kids get what they needed. I am sure that all that help will go a long way to help all the younglings to settle in and begin to enjoy their new lives.

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher